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140821 Lee Seung Gi Deflects Questions About Girlfriend Yoona

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 5:07 PM

Lee Seung Gi and Girls” Generation”s Yoona may be one of 2014″s celebrity power couples in the Korean entertainment industry, but both choose to remain silent about their relationship.

On August 20, Lee Seung Gi was interviewed by SBS”s One Night of TV Entertainment on the set of a commercial shoot for a rice cooker advertisement that he is endorsing.

During the course of the segment, the actor was asked if he knew how to cook, to which he responded, “I learned a few years before, but I”ve only recently started to learn again.”

The interviewer asked, “When you were learning, did you do it because you wanted to cook for a special person?” trying to get a juicy answer from him.

However, he averted the question in a witty manner by saying, “I understand what kind of answer you are fishing for, but your timing is a bit off.”

Moving onto the next portion, the interview then asked, “How is Today”s Love?”

Lee Seung Gi momentarily blanked out, and he admitted, “I was confused for a moment there. I forgot that it was the title of my movie,” eliciting a round of laughter from the staff.

On the movie, he said, “I”ve always wanted to do a romantic comedy film, and I”m excited because I like director Park Jin Pyo, and because I”ll be reunited Moon Chae Won whom I filmed my debut drama with.”

140823 SNSD Yoona completes ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”

Joining the hundreds of idols who have now joined the ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”, the latest is Girls’ Generation member, Yoona!

Girls’ Generation Yoona becomes the latest idol to join in on the ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”, after being tagged by EXO’s Suho! In the video, she nominates leader Taeyeon, actor Lee Minho, and Kim Sooro

To find out more about ALS and how you can help to make a difference, please visit: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

Take a look at the video below and watch all the ALS Challenge videos on Facebook!

140822 Taeyeon Is Focused on Beauty and Fashion Instead of Her Personal Life For “The TaeTiSeo” Program

Taeyeon revealed her thoughts about the reality program she chose to appear in as her first broadcast activity since her dating scandal.

On August 22, a presentation for the program “The TaeTiSeo” which will air onOn Style happened at the CJ E&M Center media hall. Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyunand producer Kim Ji Wook participated.

A reporter asked Taeyeon “Isn’t it burdensome to choose a reality program as your first broadcast since the scandal?” Taeyeon responded “This program will show the process of our new album. I wanted to show the beauty and fashion that many people are curious about, so I chose this program. Even though it is reality (show), there’s no need to reveal everything about my personal life.”

“The TaeTiSeo” is a reality program that sheds light on the life style of TaeTiSeo. The program will reveal the makeup and fashion that TaeTiSeo employs. The first episode will air August 26 at 11 PM on On Style.


140825 SNSD Sunny, Choi Hong Man, Hong Jin Ho and more to appear on “Happy Together 3″

Girls” Generation”s Sunny, fighter Choi Hong Man, former pro gamer Hong Jin Ho, volleyball coach Kim Se Jin, announcer Do Kyung Wan and comedian Hwang Hyun Hee will be guesting on the next episode of KBS” “Happy Together 3″.

According to official broadcasters from KBS, they already participated in the “Tall & Short Special” episode on August 23rd. Many people are anticipating towards this episode since the guests will reveal more stories related to their heights.

140825 Girls” Generation invites fans to #catchGG!

There isn”t much information yet on what #catchGG is yet, but it seems like once you start tagging your posts through #catchGG, there will be something special.Jessica explains that it”s a sign to connect the girls to their fans, andTiffany invites fans to “catch” the girls through the hashtag.

It looks like it might have something to do with the girls” Japanese promotions. Nonetheless, check out the cute video above!

140826 Girls’ Generation Yuri and brother look adorable in baby photo

Girls’ Generation Yuri uploaded a photo to Instagram of her and her brother as kids, with bright grins on their face.

Yuri looks cute and happy in the photo, sittings side by side with her brother. The caption reads, “My brother really loves me. My fans also really love me. I, too, love you guys a lot.”

Her cute message and photo have been receiving praise from fans and media for being so honest and full of joy.

140825 Taetiseo makes reality TV debut

Members of Taetiseo, a subunit group of Girls” Generation, wave at a press conference to promote their new reality show “The Taetiseo”.

Prior to the release of their much-awaited album, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyunof Girls” Generation“s subunit Taetiseo will reveal parts of their day-to-day lives through a reality TV show.

Starting Tuesday, the three girls will appear in “The Taetiseo” on cable channel On Style, which is operated by CJ E&M.

“We wanted to make our comeback special by starring in a reality show”, said Tiffany during a press conference held last week at CJ E&M”s headquarters in Sangam-dong, northwestern Seoul. “First, audiences will get to see more about our everyday life, and then get to see our lives as entertainers toward the latter part of the show”.

There is also a chance that the group”s new album will be released through the program, according to its chief producer, Kim Ji-wook. The group has released only one album so far, “Twinkle”, in 2012, so fans are anxiously waiting to hear the band”s new songs.

The program is a quasi-sequel to the channel”s “Jessica & Krystal“, a reality show that featured siblings Jessica from Girls” Generation and Krystal of f(x), which are both affiliated with SM Entertainment. After the show was well received, more artists from the agency decided to take part in reality shows.

Taeyeon said that the members of Taetiseo have known one another for more than 10 years, so they feel like family – sisters, to be exact.

“Instead of showing anything big, the program will be all about us being natural”, said Taeyeon.

“Since there might be some people who don”t know Taetiseo because we only released an album once, we wanted to focus more on showing a humane side rather than the professional side on stage”.

For the youngest member, Seohyun, filming the show was a little liberating.

“It was fun to go to an amusement park through the reality show and embellish myself how I wanted to without hiding behind hats or masks”, she said.

“Since it isn”t easy for us to do such things freely, I”m just so happy that I got this chance to share little habits or things we do often in a friendlier way”.

However, not so much about the members” love lives will be revealed through the show.

“I don”t think I need to show every part of my private life just because [I"m on] a reality show”, said Taeyeon, who went public about her relationship with boy group Exo”s Baek-hyun in June after a local media outlet revealed they were dating.

“The goal of doing this program is to share how we prepare for a new album, along with sharing some fashion and beauty tips that fans get curious about”.


140825 Girls’ Generation To Hold a Concert at the Tokyo Dome

Girls’ Generation,or more popularly known in Japan as Shoujo Jidai, will finally be performing in one of the largest concert venues in Japan: Tokyo Dome.

It has been four years since the famous girl group officially debuted in Japan and in gratitude, they have released their album “THE BEST” which topped the Oricon Weekly Chart for two weeks in a row immediately upon release. To cap off their gratitude to their fans, they will be holding their first ever dome concert entitled “GIRLS GENERATION THE BEST LIVE at TOKYO DOME” this coming December 9.

140826 BTS photos of Jessica and Krystal for “Singles” are released

“Singles” magazine recently released some behind the scenes photos of the Jung sisters from their pictorial.

The pictures show the sisters taking their work seriously as they diligently pose in various ways and check their pictures on the monitors. Jessica and Krystal each add their own personal flair to each pose.

Check out the Jung sisters’ teamwork below!

140826 “The TaeTiSeo” Reveals Brand New Still Cuts from the First Episode Premiering Tonight

The very first episode of OnStyle’s reality show “The TaeTiSeo” is set to air on August 26 at 11 PM (KST), and brand new stills have been revealed ahead of the premiere.

The premiere episode will be following the three members of sub-unit TaeTiSeo—Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun—as they freely try out different things that they weren’t able to experience in the past because they’re celebrities. They will also share their simple and honest thoughts through the everyday conversations they have with one another.

During one of the members’ talks, Taeyeon shared, “When we rest, I’m almost always just at home. The more active members like Tiffany and Sunny take the lead.” In response to this, Tiffany explained, “I want to drag all of the members out with me.” While the energetic Tiffany led the way for TaeTiSeo’s trip together, Taeyeon and Seohyun were quickly drained and were caught falling asleep.

Also in this episode, the youngest, Seohyun, will be showcasing her hidden unique charm even while shopping. Although she is unable to make decisions for long periods of time on their shopping trip, which tires out the other members, she continues onward until she is satisfied with all of her shopping, proving her peculiar innocence.

An OnStyle producer expressed, “Each of the three members has her own different character, so a color that is unique only to TaeTiSeo will emerge. All of the little charms that aren’t shown on stage will be revealed, and we expect that the viewers will feel an attachment to them and have fun watching.”

Will you be tuning in to “The TaeTiSeo” tonight at 11 PM (KST)?

140826 TaeTiSeo snap a photo with Kang Dong Won for their cameo on the set of upcoming movie “My Brilliant Life”

Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won”s upcoming movie “My Brilliant Life” (“My Palpitating Life“) hinted on TaeTiSeo”s cameo with a star-studded snapshot taken on set!

According to reports, TaeTiSeo will make a cameo as the girl group that 33-year-old father Dae Soo (Kang Dong Won) is a fan of and becomes a guard for.

TaeTiSeo shared, “We are normally fans of Kang Dong Won so it is an honor for us to act with him through this good opportunity. Director Lee Jae Yongled us well so it has become a good memory. Through this movie, we hope that a lot of people share a brilliant life.”

Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won play a couple who become parents at the tender age of 17 and raise a child who has Progeria (HGPS), which causes rapid aging in children. Their son Ah Reum grows into a 16-year-old boy who looks to be in his 80s on the surface, but is surrounded with a lot of love from his parents who are still figuring out life.

“My Brilliant Life” is set to premiere on September 3!

140822 SNSD Sunny get chalenge ice bucket tooo

Written By Unknown on Friday, August 22, 2014 | 7:38 PM

After SNSD SooYoung, SNSD Yuri then SNSD Sunny get chalenge of ice bucket too watch video below:

140822 SNSD Yuri get chalenge of ice bucket also

Check out SNSD Yuri get chalenge of ice bucket too..but where is ice ? not with ice perhaps ^_^

140820 Jessica and Krystal enjoy a fun sister date at Disneyland

Celebrity sisters Jessica and Krystal appeared to have gone on a sister date inDisneyland together recently!

Jessica updated her Weibo on August 20 with, "Mini Jessica + Mini Krystal," and posted two pictures. In one, the two of them indeed transformed into Mini Mouses as they don the trademark bow on their head. In another, Jessica munches cutely on a corn dog!

The photos were most likely taken during their recent trip to Los Angeles. Even with the conclusion of the girls' reality program, 'Jessica & Krystal,' the fans should still be able to see a lot of these loving sisters.

140820 'Singles' release BTS pictures of Jessica and Krystal

'Singles' magazine released some more eye candy for fans of Jessica and Krystal in the form of behind-the-scenes photos from the sisters' pictorial.

These pictures show the girls engagement in the shoot as well as their diligence as they strike different poses and facial expressions like the pros that they are. Then, they are able to wind down a bit when the cameras aren't focused on them for the shoot.

Check out these lovely sisters below.

140821 SNSD Sooyoung,Suzy, Dasom, and Jaejin jump on the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, miss A's Suzy, SISTAR's Dasom, and F.T Island's Jaejin are up next for the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.'

Sooyoung left a sweet message supporting the cause for Lou Gehrig's Disease, and then nominated Daniel Henney, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Shin Se Kyung.

Suzy cutely burst into laughter after getting splashed with ice water and gave two thumbs up!

Dasom challenged her drama co-star Baek Sung Hyun, Henry, and Mad Clown, and fellow SISTAR member Bora was bestowed the honor of drenching the maknae.

Jaejin, who was nominated by miss A's Jia, uploaded his videos onto Instagram.

140821 Taemin recalls his first impression of Girls' Generation's YoonA

Taemin appeared on the August 21 edition of SBS radio program 'Cultwo Show' with SMlabel mate Red Velvet and talked about Girls' Generation's YoonA.

Red Velvet's Seulgi said, "My training period was seven years. I am currently 21 years old." The DJs said, "You debuted after waiting a long time. Is there a celebrity you really wanted to see?"

She gestured at Jung Chan Woo and said, "I really wanted to try coming out on 'Cultwo Show,'" but neither Jung Chan Woo nor Sung Si Kyung believed her.

Taemin was asked a similar question: "Were you ever surprised when you saw a celebrity in person?" He replied, "For me, it was when I first auditioned at the agency. I went through the audition, then I saw Girls' Generation's YoonA, and thought to myself that truly not just anyone can be a celebrity. I thought I wasn't going to make it, but I think I was lucky."
Tip: REstaiN

140821 Who Wore It Better: IU vs. Tiffany

IU looked stunning on the KCON red carpet wearing a mini-dress by 'Steve J & Yoni P' on August 9. This look caused a buzz amongst netizens not only because she rocked the dress but also because certified fashionista, Tiffany of Girls' Generation, previously wore the same dress at the 'Steve J & Yoni P' fashion show back in spring. Let's take a look at which K-pop darling wore the dress better!

IU opted for a simple look. She wore a statement choker with black peep-toe heels. She styled her long jet-black hair in loose curls. Tiffany, on the other hand, went in the complete opposite direction of 'simple.' She paired the dress with a long black, cardigan, layers of necklaces, black lace-up platform boots, and a matching clutch. She, too, opted for loose curls, and both girls rocked a minimal make-up with red lips combination.

If I had to choose a winner of this battle, I'd choose Tiffany by a smidge. I love her edgy boots, and I think they pair really well with the dress. Although I'm not sure how I feel about this particular cardigan, I think the black adds a nice contrast to the dress, and nicely covers up just the right amount of the neckline, which looks a little awkward on IU. However, I think her outfit would have been better had she toned down the accessorizing—there were too many things going on at once. I really liked the simplicity of IU's outfit, but to me, the top half of her outfit does not balance the bottom half—the plain shoes don't balance out the bold dress and necklace. I think a mix of the two girls' outfits would have been perfect.

But, per usual, both girls are looking gorgeous.

140821 Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Donates Goods to Raise Funds for Refugee Children in Syria

Written By Unknown on Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 7:05 PM

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun is receiving attention for her giving heart, as she donated some of her possessions in order to raise funds in support of Syrian refugee children.

It has been reported that Seohyun personally donated a signed purse and sneakers to the charity concert “Happy Day,” which was held on August 21 at The Laville in Gangnam, for the purpose of raising funds through a water and sanitation project to support refugee children in Syria.

The “Happy Day” charity concert is an event prepared by actor Jun Kwang Ryuland his family. It appears that Seohyun took part in the donation for the charity auction hosted at the concert, as she was able to meet and become close with the senior actor after appearing on SBS’ “Passionate Love” together.

140821 Girls” Generation”s Seohyun mentions about TaeTiSeo”s comeback at Dongguk University Graduation Ceremony

Seohyun has graduated from Dongguk University today on August 21st.

She shared her thought after the graduation ceremony,”I can”t believe that I”ve graduated, I feel as if it was just yesterday that I got admitted. I was able to learn and gain a lot of understanding while attending the school. I want to thank to all the professors who taught me. I also want to thank again to everyone who have helped me”.

Seohyun gave her speech after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award,”I feel honored to be receiving such a profound award. I will do my best to become a member of society who carries a bigger sense of responsibility and commitment”

Seohyun also mentioned about TaeTiSeo”s upcoming comeback as she said,”You will be able to see TaeTiSeo really soon. Since this is our first album after a long time so we put in a lot of effort. It was made with passion and commitment. I wish man fans will like it”.

Congratulation on your graduation Seohyun!

140817 Jessica's 'Blanc' website crashes upon launch

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 6:37 PM

Jessica's new fashion brand 'Blanc' is apparently so popular that servers couldn't handle the visiting load!

'Blanc' is a brand of modern-classic items, clean-cut silhouettes, and interesting details inspired by Jessica's own style. Jessica also took inspiration from her favorite cities Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and Paris. She also plans to showcase her fragrance set and 2015 F/W collection later this year. She had been planning to introduce sunglasses and eye-wear as the first items from her brand.

However, visiting the site currently gives an error message as above. It seems like they didn't quite account for how many people might want to visit the site!

Hopefully the site gets to working order soon.

140819 YoonA appears as guest on “Sunny”s FM Date” to congratulate Sunny on her 100th day as DJ

The two took a lot of cute pictures together and YoonA gave an update on her life, saying, “It has been such a long time since I got to roll around in my house during a break.” When asked to disclose a secret of YoonA”s, Sunny said, “Her elbow skin is very stretchable,” which was already discussed in a past “Stargazing” episode.

YoonA also revealed that TaeTiSeo were busily engaged in their reality program and said the trio will be making their comeback this year.

140819 YoonA bares her abs and captures a post-modern look for “W Korea”

YoonA showed off a different side in her latest pictorial with “W Korea” released on August 20 KST, shedding the sweet girl image and bright, melting smile for a chic look of nonchalance. As the theme seems to be post modern, the shots are all black-and-white for a moody effect as she looks very mature and tomboyish.

In one notable picture, she bares her rather impressive abs that look so good even she can”t take her eyes away. Which is your favorite picture?

140820 TaeTiSeo to make a comeback soon; releases 1st image teaser to upcoming style show

During the show, Sunny and Yoona made a special phone call to their Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, who revealed they were currently filming for their reality show on OnStyle “The Taetiseo.” They further reveal that the trio’s comeback is coming up soon and to hang on.

In related news, TaeTiSeo’s reality show will begin airing on August 25. The first image teaser for their show has been released. Taken in Los Angeles while Girls’ Generation was in town for KCON 2014 two weeks ago, TaeTiSeo can be seen posing together after visiting a face painting tent. Their faces are painted beautifully – Tiffany’s decorated with flowers, Seohyun taking on the face of an adorable cat, and Taeyeon with what seems to be either a butterfly or a large flower.

“The Taetiseo” will follow the trio in their everyday life as they go on shopping trips, travel, and more, revealing their individual fashion style.

The trio received a lot of love in 2012 after they debuted as Girls’ Generation’s first sub-unit group with the title track “Twinkle.”

Source: TenAsia, My Daily, Star Today

140820 TaeTiSeo get SONE excited for their upcoming comeback and reality show with stunning snapshots

TaeTiSeo (Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun) treated SONE who are patiently waiting for their comeback with snapshots of the girls being their beautiful selves!

Taeyeon shared on her Instagram on the 20th, “#TTS”, along with stunning photos of the TaeTiSeo reunion.

SM Entertainment previously revealed that the girls are working hard for their upcoming comeback, which is expected to be sometime this fall, so it doesn”t seem like fans have too long of a wait.

Also remember to tune into their new reality show OnStyle“s “THE TaeTiSeo” which is set to air on August 25 at 11PM KST!

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