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130131 Nobody cares about SNSD YoonA

Written By Unknown on Thursday, January 31, 2013 | 7:00 PM

Just joking, but how often do you see an SNSD member ignored at the airport like that? Wonder who was drawing the crowd, must be very popular. Photos from late 2012, Yoona looked a bit confused, maybe a bit disappointed too. But I still care and love to you YoonA....ciayouu!!! ^_^


130130 SNSD Taeyeon @ IGAB fan signing event

Check out SNSD Taeyeon focused HD fanpics from the fan signing event at Yeongdeungpo Times Square on January 26th.


130127 SNSD Hyoyeon-Kwanghee, Passionate Tango Dance “Han Sunhwa, Are You Watching?”

SNSD Hyoyeon and Kwanghee’s passionate couple tango dance is becoming an issue.

In SBS “Star King” aired today, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Hyoyeon and ZE:A Kwanghee showed a couple tango dance.

On this day, they wanted to show the scene from the movie ‘The Woman’s Scent.’ Kwanghee showed moves full of energy unlike the silly image he usually has.

Internet users who saw this commented, “It was fun to watch,” “It was so passionate,” “The two look good together,” and “Han Sunhwa, are you watching this?”

Photo Credit: SBS

130131 SNSD Yoona Shoots ‘Goddess Smile’ At Her Fans Taking Pictures of Her

Girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s member Yoona revealed superior fan service.

Recently in an online community forum, several pictures were posted under ‘Yoona during autograph session, posing for the fans taking pictures of her.’

The pictures were from the autograph session held on January 25th. Yoona smiled brightly at the cameras taking picture of her.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Yoona is an angel,” “I wish I saw that smile in person too,” and “Beautiful face, beautiful heart.”

Photo Credit: Online Community

130127 SNSD Yoona Caused A Disturbance At Sunye’s Wedding? “Prettier Than the Bride!”

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Yoona became an inconvenience to Sunye’s wedding.

Today, Yoona attended Wonder Girls Sunye’s wedding held in Seoul along with other members of SNSD, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Seohyun, and others.

On this day, Yoona received a flash ceremony by reporters before going into the wedding hall. She appeared in a neat beige coat with a mini skirt.

Internet users who saw this commented, “How is she so pretty?,” “She’s not supposed to be prettier than the bride!,” and “Was inviting SNSD a mistake?”

Photo Credit: Newsis

130131 SNSD with more of their promotional pictures for 'Lotte Department Store'

Check out new SNSD's pretty promotional pictures for "Lotte Department Store" below~

130130 Kim Min Jong visits Sooyoung’s sister and mother at her house

The sister and mother of Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung will be revealed through an upcoming episode of SBS‘ ‘Discovery of Trend‘.

Earlier today, SBS revealed a video clip of Kim Min Jong, an actor and the non-executive director of SM C&C visiting Sooyoung’s family. The clip was also accompanied with the text, “#A trendy discovery! Revealing Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung’s house for the first time in a broadcast! SM C&C’s Kim Min Jong visited Sooyoung’s house!? Revealing her beautiful sister and mother!“.

In the clip, you can briefly see Kim Min Jong visiting Sooyoung’s house, where he was greeted by Sooyoung’s sister at the door. He spent an exciting time at the house, where he was taken warmly by both Choi Soo Jin and her mother. Much like Sooyoung, both boasted of a beautiful appearance.

This episode of ‘Discovery of Trend’ is scheduled to air on February 1.

Check out the preview picture and video below!

Source: SBS’ Twitter

130130 SNSD Sooyoung with her group photo with the cast of SBS' 'Midnight TV Entertainment'

Celebrating Yoon Dohyun's birthday in advance, here the cast of SBS' 'Midnight TV Entertainment'.

*his b-day is on Feb. 3

Along with Travys Kim who also snapped a photo with SNSD's Sooyoung, check out their beautiful group photo

130130 SNSD congratulates Billboard for 'K-Town'

Girls' Generation is here to congratulate Billboard for their new K-Pop column called 'K-Town', a column where they will feature new K-Pop songs, music videos and more.
Out to greet and welcome their fans as well, check out SNSD's clip below~

130130 SNSD Hyoyeon shows off her ‘club dance’ on ‘Blind Test Show 180 Degrees’

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | 8:02 PM

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon let loose as she took on the challenge of dancing to various types of club music.

The idol was a guest on MBC‘s ‘Blind Test Show 180 Degrees‘, where the guests had to tell the DJing of DJ Freakhouze and Park Myung Soo‘s apart from one another. The guests also started to dance to the two DJs’ club music during the process, and as one of the best dancers in Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon expertly managed all sorts of dances, from the techno dance from the 90s and the more recent shuffle dance.

Even though Boom is the one famous for visiting clubs and keeping up with the trends, she was able to outshadow him with her energy and various moves.

Check out a short clip of Hyoyeon’s ‘club dance’ segment below.

130129 SNSD Yoona Video cutely ‘threatening’ Yuri gains attention

A video of Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA cutely ‘threatening’ Yuri has gone viral with fans.

The video was taken while the girls were taking a short break during their autograph session. During the rest time, the girls joked around with each other and couldn’t stop laughing. YoonA and Yuri were sitting right next to each other, and YoonA took the chance to pretend she was drawing her elbow back in preparation to hit Yuri. Yuri tried to block the elbow, causing both girls to explode into laughter.

Viewers commented, “It’s so cute to see them joke around“, “YoonA is really a joker“, and “I think Sunny wants to join in from the side.” Check out the video below!

130129 SNSD Yoona is a Gangster? The Rumors are True?

Girls' Generation Yoona is a Gangster? The Rumors are True?

A picture of Girls’ Generation member Yoona’s ‘gangster’ pose has gained attention online.

Recently on an online community board, a video with the title, ‘Gangster Yoona’ was revealed.

The video showed Girls’ Generation during a break at a fan sign meeting. Yoona was seen playing around and hitting Yuri with her elbow.

Yuri then pretended to be shocked by Yoona’s hit, making many people laugh.

Internet users commented, “She’s cute even when playing around” and “The members look really close to one another.”

130129 SNSD Sooyoung @ IGAB fan signing event from Team Adonis

Check out another SNSD Sooyoung focused HD photos from the fan signing event at Seoul’s Times Square on January 26th.

130128 SNSD Yoona @ IGAB fan signing event from Pure Sky

 Check out SNSD Yoona focused HD pictures from the fan signing event at Seoul’s Times Square on January 26th.

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