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130228 Another Fanpics SNSD Tiffany Incheon Airport

Written By Unknown on Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 7:42 PM

Another SNSD Tiffany Incheon Airport photoset from February 22, travelling to Japan for SNSD’s Second Arena Tour.

130228 It's snack time with Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Sooyoung!

Enjoying their delicious snack, here are Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Sooyoung!

Filled with lots of delicious strawberries, check out their photo 

130228 SNSD Sunny with her adorable photo

Here comes Girls' Generation's blonde Sunny!

Check out another adorable photo of hers

130228 SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krystal's lovely photos from 'Stonehenge'

It's not only 'Etude House' who got have new endorsers with f(x)'s Krystal and Sulli but the jewelry brand named 'Stonehenge' as well!

This time it's f(x)'s Krystal with SNSD's Jessica, the Jung Sisters! Check out their beautiful promotional photos for the said brand

130228 SNSD with more of their promotional pictures for 'Lotte Department Store'

From their hot CFs to their gorgeous photos.

Check out SNSD's pretty promotional pictures for "Lotte Department Store" below~

130228 SNSD Jessica with more of her gorgeous photos from 'banila co.

It's time to meet the newest face of the cosmetic brand named 'banila co.'!

She's none other than Girls' Generation's Jessica and you can check out her gorgeous photos below~

130228 SNSD Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho: Both Sides Release Statements

On February 27, SBS’s entertainment news “Midnight TV Entertainment” covered the recent dating scandal between Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho.

Jung Kyung Ho’s side made a report regarding the dating scandal. “It’s false. Since it’s not true, we don’t really care. However, Sooyoung is still young so we fear that she might be a victim [because of the scandal].”

The news clip also included Sooyoung’s side. An official explained, “We hear that they met at a church gathering. Sooyoung started acting since last year. We heard that he gave a lot of advices as a senior actor. That’s how they got close, but they’re not dating.”

The same individual continued, “Sooyoung has an outgoing and easy-going personality. That’s probably why she’s misunderstood by the people around her. She also thinks that she probably has to be more careful because of her extroverted personality.”

When asked why Sooyoung’s being involved in a couple dating rumors in a short period when the other members’ private lives aren’t as exposed, the official remarked, “It’s probably because she’s becoming popular.”

Do you believe the agencies when they release these kinds of statements? Or do you think they’re telling the truth?

130228 SNSD YoonA spotted being beautiful for the umpteenth time

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA was caught in the act of being beautiful again.

This time, her beauty awed fans and netizens with her chic airport fashion, dolled up with a pair of square glasses and a knit pink beanie – that is making this article very hard to write for this author since his eyes keep traveling back to the picture!

Anyways, the photos were taken during the girl group’s departure from Korea for their Japanese arena tour concert.

By this point, it’s probably easier to start writing articles about the times when YoonA is not beautiful … but we’re not sure we can find anything to write about.

130227 SNSD Yoona’s High School Pictures Revealed, ‘Goddess in Uniform’

Girls’ Generation Yoona’s high school picture was revealed online.

Recently on an online community board, a post with the title, ’6 Years ago, Yoona in High School’, was revealed.

In the picture, she is wearing her school uniform and is with her friends.

She has her hair tied up and is showing off her natural no makeup face. She seems to have perfect complexion and looks like a beautiful goddess.

She is also seen smiling brightly in the pictures as she seems to be having a good time with her class mates.

She is also seen holding a lunch tray and wearing a yellow cross body bag in the pictures as well.

Internet users commented, “She is the same as she is now” and “She was so skinny back then too.”

130227 Fans Show Positive Response to Girls’ Generation Sooyoung-Jung Kyung Ho Dating Rumors?

Fans Show Positive Response to Girls' Generation Sooyoung-Jung Kyung Ho Dating Rumors?

Fans and internet users showed an unexpected positive response to the dating rumors of Girls’ Generation Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho.

Today, after the news about the two were released, internet users lefts comments such as, “Be happy”, “They look good together”, “I hope they become a great couple” and “I am jealous of them.”

Previously, Sooyoung was also involved in a dating scandal with actor Won Bin. Internet users also commented, “So it was Jung Kyung Ho and not Won Bin”, “She looks better with Jung Kyung Ho” and “They look much better together.”

Jung Kyung Ho, during an interview while he was serving in the army, had commented, “The reason I was able to survive the army was because of Girls’ Generation. Thank you so much, Sooyoung,” making fans more suspicious of the two.

It was reported that the two became close through a meeting after he was released from the army last September. It then said that the two then moved on to become more than friends. Jung Kyung Ho was originally a fan of Sooyoung and Sooyoung liked his young face and carefree personality.

130227 SNSD Jessica Looks Sexy in a White Tube Top Dress

Recently on an online community bulletin board, two photos were uploaded under the title, “Jessica’s new profile picture for ‘UFO Town.’” 

“UFO Town” is a website that connects fans to their idols by allowing the fans to be able to exchange text messages with their favorite stars. In the pictures is Girls’ Generation’s Jessica wearing a white tube top dress and gazing at the camera. 

She has her hair in a ponytail and her long neck and collarbone are clearly visible. With her beautiful smile and flawless skin in a sexy outfit, Jessica looks gorgeous in these photos.

130227 SNSD TaeYeon High School Photos surface

High school photos of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon have resurfaced various online communities, awing netizens with the idol’s beauty.

Titled “Baby-like Taeyeon’s High School Days,” several photos and screencaps from her debut days were uploaded. While Taeyeon’s facial features remain the same, she looks drastically different. Her current mature and charisma is nowhere to be found. Instead, fans were charmed with her fresh face and innocent expressions.

Those who’ve seen the photos commented, “Taeyeon was so cute in high school,” “She looks so young,” “She looks exactly the same. She just looks a lot more mature now,” and more.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is busy promoting “I Got a Boy” with fellow Girls’ Generation members.

130227 There’s no dating going on over at SM

SM again denied yesterday that Choi Soo-young of Girls’ Generation was seeing actor Jeong Kyeong-ho.

Despite Sports Seoul’s claim that the two began dating at the start of the year, the agency insisted the two were just “good church friends”.

Other agency member, Victory of f(x), has also been the subject of dating rumors, and the agency took the time to deny those as well. It said that though she dined with TVXQ’s Max recently, the two are most definitely not an item.

The rumor mill began turning when Victoria uploaded a picture of a meal she cooked on a Chinese SNS site.

As netizens often do, they scrutinized every inch of the picture and zoomed in on a spoon that reflected a man’s face

It wasn’t long before fans identified the mystery man as Max.

“Yes it’s him, but it’s not like they were on a date”, the agency said when presented with the evidence. “A choreographer and other staff members joined them”.

By Carla Sunwoo

130227 SNSD Sooyoung’s Scandal Partner Jung Kyung Ho, Who is He?

Girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s SooYoung was surrounded by scandals with actor Jung Kyung Ho, making many fans curious about who Jung Kyung Ho is.

Jung Kyung Ho debuted in 2003 through KBS. In 2004, he came out in the KBS 2TV drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You” as Oh Deul Hee’s son and Eunchae’s lover, rising to stardom.

After that, he came out in KBS “Beautiful You,” MBC “The Time Between Dog and Wolf,” SBS “Ja Myeong Go,” movies ‘The Most Beautiful Week of My Life,’ ‘Kwang Shik’s Brother Kwang Taek,’ ‘Running Turtle,’ ‘Rollercoaster,’ and many others.

Jung Kyung Ho is also famous to be PD Jung Eul Young’s son. He received many trophies the past few years for his acting skills.

Photo Credit: Newsis

130227 Gorgeous SNSD Sooyoung with more of her photos from 'Double-M'

She's none other than Girls' Generation's Sooyoung and she will be their muse for their 2013 Spring/Summer collection. Check out her gorgeous photos from this brand below~

130226 Fans remember teenage SNSD Taeyeon

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | 10:11 AM

Sometimes, fans miss the younger days of their idols. Though Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has made a name for herself as one of the top K-pop stars of today,SONEs have been taking a look back on her high school days.

The photo set was posted under the title “Baby-like Taeyeon from her high school days.” Taeyeon’s current charismatic, mature image is less apparent in the old photos, and fans have been commenting on teenaged Taeyeon’s adorable chubby cheeks and innocent face.

They said, “Cute photos that make fan boys faint,” “When she was a baby,” and “That child will grow up to take Asia by storm.”

130226 Is SNSD Sooyoung dating actor Jung Kyung Ho?

Is Sooyoung in a relationship?

It doesn’t seem long since her scandal with Won Bin broke out, and now she’s reported to be in a relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho!

In the early morning of the 27th (KST), a photo allegedly of the front page of theSports Seoul newspaper came up online. The newspaper was dated February 27th, but as it is early morning in Korea, the newspaper will not have been distributed yet and no article has surfaced online.

According to what’s visible on the article, the pair have been dating since the beginning of the year, and went on dates in theaters as they talked about their careers.

Last year in September, Jung Kyung Ho had said that Sooyoung had been a big strength to him while he was in the army.

Variants of “Sooyoung” and “Jung Kyung Ho” are currently the trending topics on the Sportsseoul website.

130226 SNSD Vs. Wonder Girls, ‘Same Goal, Different Strategy’

The ‘K-Pop Syndrome’ as been expanding overseas and becoming a worldwide trend. Top K-Pop agencies such as YG, JYP and SM have all been working hard to find the best strategy to succeed in the overseas market.

However, it seems that the strategy that these agencies are using are different.

Let’s take a look by comparing SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation and JYP Entertainment’s Wonder Girls.

Girls’ Generation used their music and entertainment industry’s skill and knowledge to first target Asia and Southease Asia. After becoming a success in Asia, they then began to change their target to the rest of the world.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls went straight to the U.S. market after becoming successful in Korea. It is because of these contrasting methods that these two agencies have resulted in differing outcomes.

The United States has the biggest music market in the world with many different styles and genres of music and artists. It is also a place of big competition as well.

Wonder Girls, who quickly stopped Korea activities to go full force in the U.S., did not receive outstanding results as they had hoped to and eventually returned back to Korea. They are now currently doing activities in both Korea and the U.S.

On the other hand, Girls’ Generation is becoming the icon for K-Pop in the Asia market. They were on point in that after gaining success in Korea they targeted Asia as their next step.

The Japan music market is the second biggest in the world. Korean music exports to Japan are at 81%, which is a significantly higher rate than any other country to export to Japan.

Girls’ Generation, after becoming an icon of Asia, has taken a step towards the U.S. and Europe markets. With their song, “The Boys” from last year gained much attention in the U.S. and Europe.

With the power of social networking sites and smart phones, they were able to quickly expand into the world market. YouTube, Facebook, twitter and others helped in marketing and spreading the K-Pop syndrome as well.

When comparing the two agencies, SM saw an increase in sales by 10% within the past 3 years, whereas JYP as seen to be stagnant in their sales.

Many professionals also feel that SM’s method of targeting the international market is seen as more successful.

An analyst commented, “SM has first taken over Japan and Asia before going international to the U.S. and Europe. It seems that most SM artists first go over to Japan then Asia, before going overseas. This method is seen as the best way to become successful overseas.”

The analysis continued, “In the end, its all up to the type of content the artists bring out. It seems that SM is in the lead in becoming a global agency with the way there are going currently.”

130226 SM Entertainment denies dating rumors between SNSD Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

We can’t say we didn’t see it coming: SM Entertainment has denied the dating rumors between Girl’s Generation‘s Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho.

Reports of their relationship were released earlier today, saying that they met through a common friend before progressing into a romantic relationship.

SM Entertainment, however, clamped down on these rumors, saying, “They met at a church function and are just simply in a close senior-junior relationship”.

In related news, popcorn prices have increased by over 9,000 percent.

130226 SNSD Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho fell in love revealed with more detailed

Earlier today, rumors of Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho dating had spread like wildfire when a photo of a physical copy of Sports Seoul was revealed. The front page claimed that the pair were dating, and the news has now been published officially on the Sports Seoul website.

Last year in September, Jung Kyung Ho had stated that Sooyoung had been a big strength to him while he was in the army. It was revealed that Sooyoung met him through a common friend after he publicly made this statement, they grew so close that they became a couple earlier this year.

Unlike other couples they didn’t keep their relationship in top secret by just meeting only at their homes and in cars. They were spotted going on dates in the theater, but while in the public, they did try to conceal themselves as they made sure to wear hats and comfortable clothes. A person close to both parties stated, “Their relationship isn’t unlike a regular couple. They talk about their work, and they’re becoming a big strength for each other.”

So far, neither side could be reached for comment about the dating rumors. Stay tuned to allkpop for more information!

130226 SNSD Seohyun's newest CF for 'TheFaceShop'

The lovely face of 'TheFaceShop' is back with her newest commercial film for the cosmetic brand.

Check out SNSD Seohyun's flawless CF below~

130226 SNSD Tiffany with her lovely photo with her pink stuffed toy

Girls' Generation's Jessica and YoonA have their own photos with the stuffed toy popularly known as 'Brownie', can you guess who could it be for their member who loves pink with all her heart?

I guess we can call her "Pinkie" and she's with none other than SNSD's Tiffany! Check out Fany's lovely photo

130226 SNSD Jessica @ Niigata Arena Concert

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | 4:57 PM

Another SNSD Jessica focused HD fanpics (+1 gif) from the Japan Arena Concert in Niigata on February 24. Click photos for full resolution

130226 SNSD Seohyun Reveals Insecurities and Secret Behind Beautiful Figure

Girls’ Generation Seohyun recently revealed her secrets on how she maintains her beautiful body! On February 25 she appeared on Mnet’s “Wide Celebrity News.” To be more accurate, the crew of “Wide Celebrity News” went to visit Seohyun and Sooyoung who were both in the midst of a photoshoot.

The production team of “Wide Celebrity News” was granted an interview with Seohyun and Sooyoung. Both celebrities spoke about the parts of their body that they were insecure of and also secrets on maintaining their perfect shapes.

Sooyoung talked about her insecurity, “I have thick hair. I am envious of people who have thinner hair.” Seohyun also stated, “I also have thick hair. My hair is heavy when I am trying to dry it. However, I doubt that I will have to worry about losing hair when I am older.”

Sooyoung then stated, “Although I do like dark skin at times, I am envious of bright and light skin.” On the other hand Seohyun stated, “I like darker skin. I don’t think darker skin would fit me.”

Seohyun then revealed how she maintains her figure, “If you do cardio exercise for one hour every morning on an empty stomach, you will feel your body change.”

Looks like she is giving sold advice!

130226 SNSD Sooyoung and Seohyun @ Mnet WIDE brings us to the behind-the-scenes shoot for 'CeCi'

Following their pictures, Mnet WIDE News is now here to bring us to the behind-the-scenes of SNSD Sooyoung and Seohyun's shoot for 'CeCi' magazine!

Check it out below~

130225 SNSD Jessica with her pictures @ Incheon Airport

Written By Unknown on Monday, February 25, 2013 | 6:52 PM

Look the beauty of SNSD Jessica at Incheon Airport on February 22nd, click image for full res


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