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150417 SNSD's Sunny to sing with indie band Rooftop House Studio for their debut album

Written By Unknown on Friday, April 17, 2015 | 4:16 PM

New indie group 'Rooftop House Studio' was lucky enough to scout one of the most popular idols in the industry. Girls' Generation's Sunny will be singing a duet with the indie group for their digital single "Heart Throbbing"!

In the teaser video, which brings to mind the drama 'Rooftop Prince', Sunny introduced herself by saying, "I've come to the studio of Rooftop House Studio for a collaboration. I've heard that I'm the first participant. I'll work hard to make a good song. Please look forward to Sunny and Rooftop House Studio's "Heart Throbbing"."

The MV teaser for the digital single "Heart Throbbing" will be released on April 20, and the full music video and track will be released the day after on April 21!

Are you looking forward to their collaboration?

150411 Fans speculate if Jessica was meant to be part of 'Catch Me if You Can'

Everyone knew that Girls' Generation's comeback wouldn't be a quiet one, but some fans are now wondering if former member Jessica was originally meant to be part of their latest song, "Catch Me if You Can."

In the clip shown above, a netizen upload a clip of Jessica singing the line, "My heart," and compares it to that of the Girls' Generation members singing the same words in the official release. Although the line is short and generic, fans took notice that Jessica sang it in a similar fashion as the Girls' Generation members, generating speculation if she was meant to originally be a part of the song. As Jessica's clip was taken from her summer 2014'OnStyle' mini-series 'Jessica & Krystal,' fans wonder if "Catch Me if You Can" was originally meant to be released much earlier, but was delayed after Jessica was asked to leave the group.

Some commentators stated, "I knew it, when I was watching the MV... I knew that YoonA's lines must have been Jessica's before.... I knew it was her line...," "YoonA's 'I'm going to find my heart' was definitely Jessica's line before. SM never gave YoonA a high note like that," and, "LOL Jessica's clip was broadcasted somewhere between July and August 2014.... So they already started making the single since last year? Damn.... Please put Jessica back in group NOW."

What do you guys think? Are fans looking too much into it or is it a possibility?

150410 SNSD's Sunny promises 'Catch Me If You Can' gets better with each listen

Although some fans are tilting their heads at uncertainty regarding Girls' Generation's new EDM track, "Catch Me If You Can," Sunny assured that it only gets better the more you listened to it!

On the April 10 airing of MBC radio program, 'Sunny's FM Date,' she played their new song and said, "You need to keep listening to it for it to grown on your ears. As you need to listen to it more before you come to a judgment about it, I put on Girls' Generation's 'Catch Me If You Can.'"

She humorously added, "I look different in the MV than I do here," as she looked comfortable in casual clothes rather than hot construction-worker-inspired outfits. Still looking good, Sunny! No worries.

150410 SNSD's Hyoyeon graces the cover of Hong Kong magazine, 'Me!'

Girls' Generation's rising star fashionista, Hyoyeon, graced yet another magazine cover recently, this time proving her global status by posing for Hong Kong magazine, 'Me!' She uploaded pictures to share with her fans onto Instagram.

She looks like a sexy live action version of The Flintstones with her cute green top that says she's so chic, she's prehistoric chic. Whatever that means. Regardless, she's rocking that lovely green color and looking like a blonde bombshell with her gorgeous locks swept away from the face in a messy updo.

She also shares a picture of what appears to be a scan from the magazine of herself in a sexy red dress with a slit up the side to reveal some more leg. The whole time, she gazes with intensity into the camera.

150410 SNSD's 'Catch Me if You Can' surpasses 1 million views in under half a day!

Girls' Generation prove their popularity once again as their "Catch Me if You Can" MV surpassed 1 million views in just under 11 hours since its release!

The MV was originally uploaded onto YouTube on April 9 around 11 PM EST. In just one night, the MV featuring eight sexy construction workers has captured the attention of fans everywhere around the world, bringing the view count to over a million. Even now, they're fast approaching 1.5 million.

Congratulations to Girls' Generation!

150409 Take another sneak peek at Girls' Generation's upcoming MV for 'Catch Me If You Can'

Written By Unknown on Friday, April 10, 2015 | 10:15 AM

If you just can't wait until the release of Girls' Generation's new MV, take a look at this new teaser to hold yourself over until then!

Although we've already seen the official music video teaser for 'Catch Me If You Can', this new clip aired on Japanese broadcast shows us a more detailed look into some scenes from the full video!

We get a few more individual shots as well as a better peek at some of the choreography elements to come, so check it out as you await the full MV release later today!

150407 SNSD's become sexy construction workers for 'Catch Me If You Can' MV teaser!

Girls' Generation are definitely out to prove that they've still got what it takes as they catch our attention with their teaser for 'Catch Me If You Can'! They're taking on a concept we don't see often - sexy construction workers?

The girls even don the trademark neon orange suits to emphasize this new theme they're taking on in the music video teaser, which also hints at the addictive song to come.

As mentioned previously, the music video will be released in Korea and Japan on the 10th, so make sure you check back!

150407 SNSD's Sooyoung hints on a new Girls' Generation subunit 'SHY'?

Sooyoung might be making some SONEs' dreams come true!

Rumors of a subunit named 'SHY' - consisting of the dancers Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, andYuri - have been floating around for a possible debut this year, and Sooyoung seems to have just added more fuel to the rumors!

In her latest Instagram post, she took videos with Hyoyeon and Yuri and wrote, "-Am I the only one in the view? (Immediate pretending to be hopping cutely) - Is this a video?? - Hahaha He! Haa! #SHY #catchGG #D-3". It's the #SHY tag that caught the fans' attention, and hopefully her use of the tag means that the subunit will actually be happening.

How would you like to see the dance trio have their own subunit?

150402 SNSD's Sooyoung shares a photo from Girls' Generation's 'Catch Me If You Can' MV filming

Written By Unknown on Thursday, April 2, 2015 | 4:40 PM

On April 1, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung shared a screenshot on her official Instagramof what looks to be the music video filming of the group's upcoming title track "Catch Me If You Can"!

In the photo, you can see Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Seohyun and even...Taeyeon? Take a closer look at the photo, and you'll be able to see her trying to make it into the shot too. Sooyoung uploaded the photo with the caption, "#CatchGG #Catchmeifyoucan #findthehiddentaengoo #comingsoon #410."

Can you spot Taeyeon in the photo? It took us a minute to spot her too!

150401 [EXCLUSIVE] [MV Review] Girls' Generation - 'Catch Me if You Can'

On April 1, an SM Entertainment insider source came to visit the new allkpop office located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. After some fried chicken lunch, afternoon tea, cookies (all the cookies), and other pleasantries, the insider gave a screening of "Catch Me if You Can.

To get fans pumped, SM has requested allkpop to provide an MV review ahead of its release. allkpop, in consideration of our readers, was more than happy to oblige.

The MV definitely strays from Girls' Generation's usual style. Although the girls look gorgeous and glammed up as usual, their outfit changes are sporadic, random, and 100% made of pure awesome. Wearing baggy pants and white tops against a dingy set in one scene, they quickly switch things up and can be seen dancing in pastel-colored, chiffon skirts up in the clouds. In yet another scene, the girls come back down to earth as hipsters of New York City, complete with big glasses, beanies, and plaid shirts. Jumping from place to place, the girls prove that they can rock any style they choose all over the world.

I was also impressed by the effects used throughout the MV. The CGI was especially amazing. If you thought the cat in Red Velvet's "Ice Cream Cake" was random, wait until you see the CGI-ed rainbow-haired unicorn chewing on a cloud like it's cotton candy (although our insider insists the unicorn was completely real). They even make use of the unicorn, integrating it into their choreography as they slide down its back for a sweet new dance move--the rainbow butt slide. A unique alternate to all the sexy, butt-utilizing dances out there. The random, CGI sweet potatoes that Seohyun starts chasing at the very end also added an adorable touch to the visually intense MV.

Overall, I enjoyed the MV theme of being in a chase as it correlates well to the song's challenging and coy title, "Catch Me if You Can." Whether it's the camera chasing the girls across the globe or the girls chasing random things themselves (Seohyun and sweet potatoes FTW), the MV really embodies the concept of always being in pursuit of something. Although there isn't much of a story to the concept, it is definitely different from SM's infamous "dancing-in-a-box" MVs and will leave SONEs baffled at first, yet happy with the outcome. Ten out of ten. If not for the girls, then at least for that adorable unicorn!

Make sure to also keep an eye out for the 4:01 mark in the MV. Although we're not allowed to spoil the exact surprise for you, let's just say, you'll be completely blown away! Stay tuned.

150217 SNSD's Yuri becomes a yoga instructor in still cuts for Lunar New Year special variety 'Star With Two Jobs

As reported earlier, Yuri will be starring in the Lunar New Year special variety airing soon, 'Star With Two Jobs'. It seems for her 'second job', Yuri will be taking on the role of a yoga instructor.

During the filming, she conducted her class titled 'Yuri's healing yoga that purifies the body and soul', with non-celebrity yoga students. She showed off her flawless technique and toned figure as the instructor, but apparently this proved to work against the focus of her students as one remarked, "The instructor is so pretty that I can't focus on the class," bringing laughs on set.

'Star With Two Jobs' also features Ki Tae Young, Lee Bon, Brian, Cho Dal Hwan, andRainbow's Jaekyung.

150227 SNSD's Sooyoung is 'ignored' by her Girls' Generation members + fans get upset over use of the number 8

Sooyoung recently tattled on her fellow Girls' Generation members, showing a screenshot of the group's KakaoTalk chat room where the girls ignore her messages. The scandal!

It's all a joke of course. In the picture shown, Sooyoung can be seen asking her fellow members in a cute way, "Guys, whatcha doin?" She adds an emoji before saying, "Who wants to play with me?" These initial messages were sent around 2:46 PM, but the '2' marks shown next to her talk bubble indicate that five members saw her message and chose not to reply.

At this, Sooyoung sends another message and emoji around 3:20 PM saying, "Guys." The '5' mark next to that talk bubble indicates that two members saw this message as well. Looks like Sooyoung didn't get a response quickly enough though, as she writes in her Instagram caption, "There is no response from you guys... (sigh). #whatareyoudoing #guys #cometome #ppyong #whoarethetwopeople #thereplycame #itsTaengoo(Taeyeon) #ofcourseyou'realsoabum."

Don't worry, the ignore-age wasn't real. After pouting over her members' lack of response, Sooyoung revealed in her next Instagram update that Taeyeon eventually did respond.

In the picture below, Taeyeon greets with, "Did you adjust to the time difference yet?" At this Sooyoung perks up and responds, "Ah!! Nice to meet you. It's a person. I already did." Taeyeon jokes back, "Hi, call me homebody...."

Sooyoung writes in this Instagram caption: "She replies like this. #homebody2 #timedifference #afterthisastormofreplies #yoona'ssurvivalreport #tiffany'sbikini #yuriasusual #youwanttoseethemdon'tyou #hahakhak #I'mnotgoingtoshowyou."

Seems like Sooyoung had a moment of boredom and wanted her fellow members to entertain her. While some found this post humorous, others couldn't help but focus on the number at the top of the KakaoTalk chatroom--'Soshi (short for Girls' Generation) <3 8,' which reveals how many participants are in the chat room.

Instagram comments include, "8...," "Why are you showing us '8' TT. Stop referring to it. Don't mention '8'!" and, "8 is enough. I don't need any more. It's already 2015; OT9 stans please wake up."

Looks like Jessica won't be forgotten from SONE's own "Soshi" conversation for a very, very long time.

150227 SNSD's Sooyoung is flirty in see-through looks for 'Cosmopolitan' + comments on Girls' Generation comeback

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung took part in a beauty photoshoot with 'Cosmopolitan', making all girls green with envy at her tall stature and perfect skin.

She looks sweet in all white attire, while adding an element of interest with the a see-through top. In the interview portion, she talked about habits she would warn others against. Sooyoung said, "The habit of rubbing your eyes. Seeing as how I do eye makeup every day, I always rub my eyes because of the frustrating remains and even when I'm cleansing, I rub all over my eye rims. The eye rims are a particularly sensitive part."

She also mentioned what's on every fan's mind, Girls' Generation's comeback: "I think Girls' Generation's new album is coming out in the first half of this year. All the members are working very hard in order to make the best and most satisfying album."

Check her out in the March issue to see more photos and read about her beauty tips on how to achieve the perfect complexion.

150302 Go behind-the scenes with Sooyoung at her flirty photoshoot for 'Cosmopolitan'

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung took part in a beauty photoshoot with 'Cosmopolitan', and the magazine just released some footage from the photoshoot.

Sooyoung dons all white and poses with a variety of expressions for each new look. Though ever the professional, she squeals with delight at an adorable dog used on the set. In the interview portion, she talked about habits she would warn others against. Sooyoung said,"The habit of rubbing your eyes. Seeing as how I do eye makeup every day, I always rub my eyes because of the frustrating remains and even when I'm cleansing, I rub all over my eye rims. The eye rims are a particularly sensitive part."

What the BTS clip above and check her out in the March issue to see more photos and read about her beauty tips on how to achieve the perfect complexion.

150304 SNSD's Seohyun takes care of her Girls' Generation members with vitamins

Girls' Generation maknae Seohyun made sure to take care of her fellow members' health with vitamins.

Sooyoung posted the above photo onto Instagram on March 4 with the message, "Our pretty puppy who bought vitamins so her unnis can gain strength. Let's not get sick. Even her bare face is pretty. Take care of your health." The photo shows Seohyun looking happy to have helped her Girls' Generation member's out.

Fans commented, "It's good to see the Girls' Generation members get along," "I'm looking forward to their comeback," "Seohyun is so kind," and more.

In other news, Girls' Generation left for Tokyo, Japan on March 4.

150305 SNSD's Taeyeon gets in short shorts for 'High Cut' magazine

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon got in short shorts for the latest issue of star style magazine 'High Cut'.

The idol star, who usually shows a cute, lovely image on stage, wasn't afraid to go for a more mature look for the pictorial. In simple shorts and a t-shirt, Taeyeon gave off an unexpected, sexy aura.

What do you think of Taeyeon's 'High Cut' shoot?

150310 SNSD's Tiffany bares some skin for 'Casio'

Girls' Generation's Tiffany bared some skin for watch brand 'Casio'.

The lovely Girls' Generation member shared a few previews of her pictorial for 'Casio's 'Baby-G' and 'Sheen' lines on her Instagram. For 'Baby-G', Tiffany showed a bit of skin, pulling out her sexy charm, while for 'Sheen', the idol star flashed her trademark eye smile.

In related news, Girls' Generation returned to South Korea on March 6 after wrapping up production for their 9th Japanese single album 'Catch Me if You Can', which releases on the 22nd.

What do you think of Tiffany's concepts for 'Casio'?

150311 SNSD's Yuri puts all the emphasis on her flawless skin in pictorial for 'High Cut'

Girls' Generation's Yuri effortlessly pulls off sporty, smart and sophisticated looks in her newly released photos from 'High Cut' magazine.

For the photoshoot, she is wearing Estee Lauder makeup and exudes a different charm in each photo, but her flawless and radiant complexion draws all eyes in every photo. She and the cosmetics brand put together these looks to emphasize Yuri's natural beauty by going minimal on the eyes and focusing on perfecting the skin.

The full pictorial will be in the March 19th issue of 'High Cut' magazine!


150316 SNSD's YoonA graces the cover of both Korean and Chinese versions of 'CeCi' Magazine

YoonA graced both the Korean and Chinese covers of 'CeCi'!

Her 12-page photoshoot for 'CeCi' shows the playful side to YoonA. She's smiling as bright as ever for the spring, and she took on a more casual, playful fashion as compared to her usual look.


150316 Variety show 'Animals' with Yuri, Eunhyuk, & more, canceled + to be replaced by 'Mask King'

Sad news for viewers of MBC 'Animals', starring Girl's Generation's Yuri, Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Kangnam, and more, for the show has been canceled after a two-month run.

A representative of MBC told TV Report on March 16, "It has been confirmed that 'Animals' will be canceled and 'Mask King' will become the follow up program. First airing will be in mid-AprilI."

'Mask King' was first broadcast as a pilot special during the Lunar New Year holidays, and thanks to the favorable response, it will now become a regular show.

Will you be sad to see 'Animals' end?

150316 Go behind the scenes of YoonA's photoshoot with making film for 'Ceci'

Take a trip backstage and see what went on during YoonA's photoshoot with 'CeCi' for the magazine's April issue!

In the footage, YoonA takes on the challenge of bringing to life the theme 'Tropical Dream'. She surrounds herself with fruits that represent the upcoming warm weather and manages to look playful and flawless without even trying!

Check out the video above.

150320 SNSD's Tiffany heats up the desert for 'InStyle' magazine

Tiffany heated up the desert itself with her pictorial for 'InStyle' magazine!

The Girls' Generation member headed to California for the April issue of 'Instyle'. Tiffany lounged in the hot Los Angeles desert sun, and her look at the gas station setting definitely made her stand out more than usual.

Tiffany commented, "Whenever I get a break or two during the year, I like going to LA and shooting pictorials in amazing spots... If I get a vacation this year, I'd like to go to a place like Bora Bora Island."

What do you think of Tiffany's look for 'InStyle'?

150320 SNSD's experiences an accident while rehearsing for 'SMTOWN' in Taiwan

A video of Girls' Generation rehearsing for their upcoming 'SMTOWN Live World Tour IV'concert in Taiwan is sparking concern among some fans as it features a few members getting into a minor accident.

In the clip above, the girls can be seen rehearsing their sweet, classic tune, "Kissing You."Around the 1:25 mark, members Seohyun, Hyoyeon, and another member--speculated to be Tiffany--can be seen climbing onto a blue platform. The platform then carries the three out into the audience seats, where the fans would be. Around the 2:50 mark, however, the staff appears to have trouble deciding where to place the platform next. The platform jerks forward, causing Hyoyeon and Tiffany to lose their balance and Seohyun to fall over.

Although it doesn't seem as if Seohyun or any of the girls were seriously injured (thankfully), fans have commented negatively on the video, remarking that the staff should take better care of the girls' safety. Some comments include, "[Whoever's] operating that cart [should] be careful," "WTF staff?" and, "Hope Seohyun is alright."

In other news, the 'SMTOWN Live World Tour IV' is scheduled to take place in Taiwan on March 21 at the Hsinchu County Stadium. Hopefully the staff gets the platform thing sorted out so the girls can perform safely by then!

150331 SNSD's to drop 'Catch Me If You Can' MV in both Korea and Japan simultaneously!

Girls' Generation's upcoming Japanese single, "Catch Me If You Can", turns out to be not just a Japanese release but also a Korean one! They've prepared both versions and the music video will drop in both countries on the 10th!

The new single, which consists of the title track of the same name and coupling track "Girls", will also drop online in Korea on the same day, followed by the release in Japan on the 22nd.

"Catch Me If You Can" is bound to get SONEs up and out of their seats as it's a dance track with addictive qualities of EDM. The performance is also promised to be one that catches your attention, so you know it'll deliver! "Girls", on the other hand, is a medium tempo ballad track that will highlight the voices of the members.

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