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130328 SNSD Jessica is refined and regal for ‘Beauty+’

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, March 28, 2013 | 11:01 AM

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica had fans searching for their jaws after seeing the beauty’s latest pictorial for ‘Beauty+‘.

Jessica teamed up with her endorsed beauty brand ‘banila co.‘ for the pictorial to opt for a darker, edgier look with her smokey eye makeup to go along with her black and white dresses, completing the sultry, yet refined image.

During the interview with the magazine, the idol star shared her beauty know-hows and revealed that her must-haves in her purse include her mist spray, moisturizing cream, tint, and perfume. She also revealed that despite her ‘ice princess’ image, she likes to keep it casual and fun on her off days, sharing, “I like to collect sneakers and t-shirts.”

130327 SNSD pair up with Hair Couture for hair fashion

SM Entertainment has partnered up with the fashion hair brand ‘Hair Couture‘!

Hair Couture revealed that starting in June, they will be producing and distributing various fashion hair products. They also revealed that they’re actively developing products with Girls’ Generation.

The CEO of Hair Couture said, “We’re going to produce various products that match the characteristics of Girls’ Generation. Since they’re Hallyu icons all over the world, we look forward to getting a great response.”

Hair Couture produces and distributes fashion wigs to countries all over the world, including the United States. They will start distributing these products in Korea in June, and they will also be released in China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Their pairing up with Girls’ Generation probably means that you’ll get to see the girls’ promotional hair in wig form for everyone else to try out. Which hairstyle do you want the most?

130327 SNSD Taeyeon's adorable picture


Sending her loving fans a heart made using her arms, here is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon!
Check out Taeyeon's lovely photo

130327 SNSD Jessica @ another Beauty + Magazine Scans HD

Check out another pictures of SNSD Jessica @ Beauty + Magazine Scans HD 


130327 SNSD YoonA greets everyone with a cute make-up free SelCa

Girls' Generation's YoonA is back with another super cute and adorable self-camera picture!
Showing off her lovely make-up free face, check out YoonA's photo as she expressed and message below

S♡NE~~~~ 잘 지내구 있어요??
오랜만에 글 쓰는 것 같아요ㅎㅎ
요즘 아레나 투어 하느라 정신없이 지내고 있답니다.
이번에 한국 갔을 때 꽃샘추위여서 그런지 좀 쌀쌀하던데.
다들 감기는 안 걸리셨는지요~
저는..나아가고 있어요ㅎㅎ 조심하세요!!^^
일본에서 벚꽃도 보고 봄을 미리 느끼게 되어서 그런지
얼른 햇살이 좋은 봄이 왔으면 좋겠어요~
좋은 노래도 더 많이 듣게ㅋㅋ
아. 노래 추천 해주세요~
요즘 제 플레이리스트에 뉴쏭 이 없어서^^히히ㅋㅋ
그럼 모두 다음에 만날 때까지 안녕~
저는 오늘두 공연하러~~~슝~

Translated : 

S♡NE~~~~ How are you??
It feels like it's been a while since I've written on hereㅎㅎ
I've been busy with the arena tour lately.
When we went to Korea recently, it must have been because of the last cold snap, but it was a bit chilly.
Did any of you catch a cold~
I.. am starting to feel betterㅎㅎ Be careful!!^^
I don't know if it's because I saw cherry blossoms in Japan, and am feeling the spring early,
but I hope the sunny springcomes soon~
So I can listen to a lot of good songsㅋㅋ
Oh, recommend me some songs~
I don't have any new songs on my playlist these days^^ heheㅋㅋ
Now then, until next time, bye~
I'm off to another concert today~~~ sshyoong~

130327 SNSD release a Japanese documentary: We want to be called artists

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | 6:17 PM

On March 24, the Japanese broadcaster MBS aired an interview with Girl’s Generation (Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun) on its documentary program, Jounetsu Tairiku (情熱大陸). The girls talked about their work as an “idol” group: “It’s an honor for us to be called ‘idols’, but people tend to use that designation on any young singers or singing groups these days.” Sooyoung added her candid opinion, saying, “It’s difficult to distinguish between ‘idols’ and ‘artists,’ but we’d rather be called artists.”

The program drew attention for showing Girl’s Generation’s offstage life such, their expectations for their Japan tour, and their highly focused rehearsals of their choreography.

Source: Starnews

130326 SNSD Jessica-f(x) Krystal Compete for Best Abs?

Sisters Girls’ Generation Jessica and f(x) Krystal showed off their amazing abs.

On March 21, Jessica revealed her great body line and abs for the W magazine.

She is wearing a lace top and white skinny jeans and shows off her amazing abs, showing her feminine and sexy side.

Sister Krystal revealed her body line through Vogue Girl magazine. She wore a street casual look with a bright colors. Her abs made her look healthy and young.

Many fans praised the sisters for their hard work in creating health and beautiful body lines.

130326 SNSD Yoona Reveals how she Stays Fit, ‘I Move as Much as I Eat’

Girls' Generation Yoona Reveals how she Stays Fit, 'I Move as Much as I Eat'

Girls’ Generation Yoona revealed her secret to staying fit on TBS’s documentary, “Passion Continent” which aired in Japan on March 24. After all, it is her high activity levels that enables her to eat to her fill and still stay in shape.

In this episode of “Passion Continent,” they revealed a behind-the-scene report of Girls’ Generation’s preparation for 2013 Arena Tour in Japan as well as their activity in Korea.

Among many everyday scenes that were captured, Sunny and Yoona’s gorging was a regular.

Responding to a staff member who commented, “You seem very hungry,” Yoona replied, “I am always hungry. I think I get even hungrier when I am in Japan.”

She revealed that her high activity levels from dance practices and performances are what keep her thin despite all the eating. She also added that her favorite Japanese food is sushi, don-katsu sandwich and many more.

130326 Who Wore It Better: Miss A Suzy vs. SNSD Tiffany

Who’s ready for another round of Who Wore It Better? This round, it will be between two gorgeous idol stars: miss A‘s Suzy and Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany.

Recently, a post was made on an online community forum titled, “Suzy and Tiffany, Same Clothes, Different Feeling” along with two photos.

In the photos, Suzy and Tiffany are wearing the same dress but each give off a different charm. Suzy’s black hair color and milky white skin further emphasized the fiery red color of the dress. On the other hand, Tiffany’s blinging necklace and her dark red hair color emitted a different kind of charm through the dress.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Suzy and Tiffany, they are both pretty,” “Suzy and Tiffany’s similarity is their bright smile,” “Both Suzy and Tiffany’s legs are national treasures,” “Do you think Suzy and Tiffany share clothes?” and more.

So, it’s time to vote for your pick between Suzy and Tiffany! Who will it be?

130326 SNSD Jessica-f(x) Krystal, ‘Far Apart Yet Close at Heart’

Girls’ Generation Jessica and f(x) Krystal’s sisterly conversation on a show.

This show offered close-up footage of Girls’ Generation’s everyday activities along with their spectacular performances. Included in the episode was a conversation between Jessica and Krystal,who are sisters.

On Christmas Eve, Girls’ Generation was staying in Tokyo for their Arena Tour preparation and enjoying a small Eve party with their on-site staff. After a short while, Jessica exited the scene and called her younger sister, Krystal.

Jessica showered her sister with mother-like questions that showed how much she cared for Krystal, “How are you spending your Christmas over there? Are you bored without me? Did you eat yet? Enjoying the snow?”

In the following interview, Jessica expressed her excitement about the Japan Arena Tour. “It is something I dreamed of even before our debut. I am elated that it has become a reality. My sister is happy for me, too. I am going to study up on Japanese so I can better communicate with our fans in Japan.”

130327 SNSD Seohyun Revealed, “School to Training until 10PM Every Day”

Girls' Generation Seohyun Revealed, "School to Training until 10PM Every Day"

Girls’ Generation Seohyun reminisced her days as a trainee in SM Entertainment.

Recently on a show in Japan, they offered close-up footage of Girls’ Generation’s everyday activities along with their spectacular performances.

Most of the members were selected by rigorous auditions in their teenage years which were followed by about five years of training period until they made a debut as Girl’s Generation. Of course, managing responsibilities as a student and a trainee are incredibly difficult for most.

Seohyun, who is the youngest member, recollected her trainee years saying that, “I usually went straight to practice right after school until about 10pm. Then I took the subway back home. Every day.”

In the episode they included footages of Girls’s Generation’s early trainee years that shed light on the long road they have traveled to become who they are today.

130327 Oh! Album Thank You

I’m still waiting for my Oh! album to come in…but with this damn snow storm rolling in tomorrow (an expected 16 to 24 inches..the number is never stable. just keeps going up.) I doubt I’ll get my album on time D:

Anyway, for those who already got it and are wondering what was written in their messages, here are the translations. The translator is still doing the rest but here are the ones done so far!

Taeyeon: Thank you to those people that helped us publish SNSD’s 2nd album^^ After going through our busy schedules and having a lot bad incidents happen to us… I was worried if we could actually finish this… But it was successfully finished^^ I want to give a round of applause to our members that endured our busy schedule with our fragile bodies… *claps* Although we’re girls generation, we’re not girls anymore^^ Amazing… It was hard for us mentally and physically, but seeing that during those times we were able to lean on each other and come this far… We must be really close to each other. While creating this album, again I was able to see the change in us… We became more serious than before… We matured more… It really felt like we became adults^^ We must be growing fast keke. Adapting to their surroundings… And adapting well to the situation they’re in… The sponge like girls… I want to be able to follow your (the member’s) examples! Also, to my family that are silently supporting me… Sometimes it feels like… You guys are having harder time than me… I’m sorry and I’m also thankful^^ Since I’m talking about family… I have to talk about our Chin Chin family!! To those people that are with me during the show… Having great a taste, JungGwan PD, Totoro JungEun unnie, squirrel like HaeJin unnie, and short hair JungHyun unnie keke. You guys must have had a hard time T.T… While preparing for our 2nd album, because of these people… I was able to have a great show. I’m always thankful again and again! I’ll try my best to have better shows^^ Also… To the sunbae that helped me grow musically and physically. I won’t become a Taeyeon that gives up half way but a Taeyeon that’ll do her best till the end^^ I’ll always respect you and thank you so much… While making this album? The women that was able to help me control my mind by having a long chat with me… Kiyoung unnie… and YangGang unnie. Cookie man, aunt Rwali, the always handy exit Yoohangun, Shinyoung unnie, and soft unnie Angelina Jelly…^^ I want to go back in time! I miss you~~Also the person that loves me from her heart. A dad like goose unnie^^ thank you… You guys became my strength while creating this album. And lastly the sone whom I love~~ I think I was able to do everything because of you!! And now… You guys will have to show us a lot of pink^^ Please be with us. Hwaiting! I love you^^

Note: The places that I underlined, Taeyeon is just making nicknames for them :] She probably doesn’t want to give out their real name or something. Also sorry if my grammar is kinda bad… It’s kinda hard since Korean sentence structure is different from English.

Yuri: Thank you again and again for giving me great memories from your shinning eyes. I hope you will be able to feel my sincerity… <3

Sooyoung: Hearing that our 2nd album was going to come out.. Not thinking that it was definitely going to come out… Nervous about the first performance… Being moved by getting 1st place for the first time… Wondering if I’d ever forget all those touching moments… I’m thinking back to when I was arrogant. God who always giving me blessings and always looking over me…^^ Thank you for recognizing what I’m lacking and filling it up by sending magnificent and cool people into my life. Please be with me and give me wisdom so that I can be humble too all those people.. And to my precious family… My mother whom I respect and my hero, dad… And a hero on stage, my sister! I love you and I’ll always thank you^^.. Grandma. Grandpa… My family that I’m thankful for, who always encourages me whenever they see me… And those who support me by praying for me, Pastor Lee Sungho, Pastor Lee Donghyun, Jaeson, and representative Maria who is a big help to me in my life of faith, aunt Esther, Martin oppa, James oppa, JunI oppa, Soohyun unnie, Charlie oppa, Donggun oppa, Naul oppa, and Ajoong unnie, I love you all and I’m praying for CUP Also Ali unnie, Sohyang unnie, Jinny unnie, Yuri unnie, Joohyun unnie, Team oppa, Syun sunbae, Kyunglim unnie, Sangjin oppa, Jaedong oppa, Jyunho, Jonghyun, Jaejin, Minjong oppa, uncle Jichang, Puli oppa, Haejung unnie, uncle Jaeyeon, Namgil oppa, Jihoon oppa, Changlak oppa… Although I can’t see you since I’m busy but I’m thankful that I am close with you guys… And cookieman… Congratz on your new findings but! You know right? Banned from Girl groups ^0^ Thank you to the teachers at Joongang College for trying to help me learn even a little bit… Thank you to my friends, classmates, and sunbaes that comforts me^^ I’ll become a Sooyoung that’ll make our school shine. Ok.. Am I done?! keke. My 8 friends!! heh heh.. I don’t know how I can show how special you guys are to me… All that time in the future when we’ll be together… Let’s let our roots grow and try to endure any hardships we’ll face^^> Also… Those people that make me shine on stage… I’m happy to call them sones. Up until now, thank you for following us no matter where we went… I hope you guys will cheer us on like you always do!^^ I don’t think I won’t make you guys lonely. I promise! I pray that everyone who I love and everyone who loves me will be always happy… and be blessed…^^

Jessica: To my family that I love – Mom, Dad, and chu~ Soojung <3 Thank you for always being my fan, I love you and I feel more secure! Minyoung unnie~ We don’t even need talk (to express our feelings) right?^^ My laughing angel smart Sunsoo, NamEun, MyungEun, Glori, Junghyun, Sooji, Gheunhwa, Hara, Minkyun, Shinyoung, and Spicy rice cake seller!! Hyunjoong oppa, Yuhni unnie, Joohyun unnie, Jji unnie, Jjungyoung unnie you guys understand right? And lastly, SNSD and to those who love me no matter what, thank you~ Let’s make more memories together sone! I’ll return your love^^

Hyoyeon: First of all! Dad, mom~~!! My parents who cheered me on and gave me strength~! Thank you! Saying ‘I love you’ makes me feel embarrassed.. So I never said it… I love you dad and mom! ye~~~~~ My little brother! My little brother Mingoo whom I love~!! I was thinking about you a lot~!!! I really love you~! To my parent’s siblings~! Thank you for giving me advice and helping me!! Thank you so much to my aunts and uncles for cheering me on~! Let’s go on a trip during my resting time~ GOGO~!! You know right~!? ye~~!! >.< My dongsaeng~! Hayeon, Taegoo, Jingoo and Jjungmin~!! You guys~!! Thanks for monitoring me~^^! oh~ oh~~ ye~~! My fairygod mother~~!! Machoman~!! keke I love you! Machoman!! I’ll wait for you! Machoman~!! Kahh~!!!! keke.(keke) We’re both type A~~~ We’re defiantly AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaX100000……… but….! I really like Joongsuk!! Because~! He’s a friend that’s always by me when I’m going through hard times and gives me strength~!! ye~! Thank you~! My 8 year friend~! My personal monitor!! Kijoon~!! ye~!! Thanks for pointing out my weaknesses.. Although I get sad at times >.< hehe thank you~ You must be busy with your life and you still call me and monitor for me~! Do you know how thankful I am~!! My angel cooli~!! Do you know that I’m happiest when I come and talk to you~!? Let’s meet each other more often~! I really miss~! Minyoung (call me!), Sunghee~! (You’re doing well right~!?), SukHoon (If you come to Korea, let’s meet again~!), Ddongjin, youngjoo (contact me), and Wool unnie who lost weight and became more pretty! Hyungyoon oppa~! keke, and Sungho oppa who it feels like I will meet in a few days!! I really really miss you guys~! hey~! cookie man~!!! Hyungkook oppa~!! hehehe >.< We’re more close now……..! kekeke I want to talk to you about alot of things…!!! kahhh~~!!! keke. And our trouble makers~~!! keke >.< my long lost siblings~! Friends~! Members~!! (Seo,Yoon,Soo,Ti,Yu,Su,Je,Tae~~!) keke. Out of all people I got to meet you. I really thank the heavens that all 9 of us got to be in the same group…! I love you guys~! Our sone~!!!! ye~~!!! I really liked getting close to you and meeting you at our concert~!! You don’t know how much more excited I was~! ye~~! I hope we’ll get to meet each other more often from now on~! Hmmm~~ Our 2nd album~! It’s an album which we put a lot of effort into~! I personally like all the songs in this album~~! hehehe~~~! Thinking about our first performance~!! I’m getting a lot of energy and getting more excited~~~!! kekeke I hope you guys will love it~~! Everyone hwaiting~!!!!! ye~~!! We’re SNSD~~!! Lastly, I love you Lord..

Translator: Krystalce@soshified. check out their forum when you have time!

130327 SNSD YoonA and Lee Minho's shoot for 'Eider' behind the scenes

After browsing their photos as well as watching their interview from 'Section TV', 'Eider' now brings us to the behind-the-scenes of YoonA and Lee Minho's shoot.

Check out the clip from their pictorial below~

130327 SNSD's Seohyun and Yuri It's snack time with

It's time to have some snack with the adorable Seohyun and Yuri of Girls' Generation!

Check out their cute photos below as they revealed, "As expected, Osaka's specialty is takoyaki. We attempted a sweet russian roulette using fruits, dango, and snacks. Yuri and Seohyun chose cautiously, yet boldly. The results, banana for Seohyun, and tasty, ordinary Takoyaki for Yuri. yumyum"~

130327 Adorable photos of SNSD Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri and Seohyun!

Along with the other members, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is back with another adorable update!
Check out her photos with Seohyun, Yuri and Tiffany as she revealed, "Seohyeon.Yuri.Tiffany.Taeyeon/ It's hurricane ganji* Yuri unnie >_<".

130324 SNSD Jessica Calling Krystal on Christmas @ Jounetsu Tairiku 情熱大陸 (English Subbed)

Check out the video of SNSD Jessica Calling Krystal on Christmas @ Jounetsu Tairiku 情熱大陸 (English Subbed)

130325 SNSD Yoona @ newest Innisfree Promotion Pictures

Another SNSD Yoona @ newest Innisfree Promotion Pictures


130326 SNSD Yoona @ more Eider Promotion Pictures HD


Check out newest update SNSD Yoona @ more Eider Promotion Pictures HD


130326 SNSD @ Lotte Department Store Promotion Pictures

Girls’ Generation and Hyun Bin have teamed up to endorse Lotte Department Store!

The ladies of Girls’ Generation have been models for the company since 2012, and they renewed their contract this year. Hyun Bin has also signed a new contract with the company, and the pair will team up for a ‘Two Top Model’ system until March 2014.

Lotte will be opening new department stores in China and Indonesia. Because of their expansion, the company has decided to pick up Hyun Bin, someone who is a top star known not only in Korea, but internationally as well.

A rep from Lotte’s marketing department stated, “We chose the highly popular Hallyu star Hyun Bin because he is popular overseas, and because the Lotte Department Store is growing rapidly internationally. Starting from April, we’re going to hold a ‘Customer Happiness Event’ where the models can communicate closely with the customers.”

The CFs featuring Girls’ Generation and Hyun Bin will be released starting on March 29.

Tip: Xesyre

130326 SNSD Jessica with another beautiful photo of hers

With a familiar pose, here is Girls' Generation's Jessica!
Check out another beautiful photo of hers below~

130326 SNSD YoonA with behind-the-scene video from her shoot for 'InStyle'

After falling in love with SNSD YoonA's photos from 'InStyle' magazine's April issue, it's now time for us to watch the behind-the-scenes from their shoot.

Modelling MCM's Candy Bag, check out the next clip with YoonA~

130326 SNSD Jessica for 'Beauty+' magazine

A beauty we all know, here is the lovely Jessica of Girls' Generation!
Check out her gorgeous photos from the April issue of 'Beauty+'~

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