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141007 Tiffany shows how she excitedly danced to TaeTiSeo”s ballad “Only U”

Written By Regina Kim on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 | 5:53 PM

On the October 6 installment of KBS 2TV“s “Hello,” the pretty ladies of TaeTiseo made an appearance as the special guests. On this day, a participant on the show relayed his concerns about his older sisters who would dance crazily with no restraints.

Afterwards, the MCs asked the girls, which member tended to get really excited and Tiffany raised her own hand. She explained, “Among TaeTiSeo”s album, there”s a ballad that Seohyun wrote called “Only U.” After we finished our showcase, I was overflowing with excitement that I clicked play and the ballad came out,” and started laughing here.

The MCs requested that Seohyun sang a bit of the song so they could see firsthand how Tiffany danced to the slow track. Tiffany revealed that she expressed her excitement through her expressions and her neck. She then showed off her funny dance moves to the ballad that got the whole room laughing.

Taeyeon said she gets embarrassed to which Tiffany said she would only dance even worse, continuing on to a horrified Taeyeon.

141007 Jessica continues with fashion line

Written By Regina Kim on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 | 5:19 PM

Amid controversy over Jessica“s departure from Girls” Generation, BLANC, the fashion brand launched by the ex-girl group member, began distributing press releases yesterday.

Hill+Knowlton, the public relations agency in charge of promoting Jessica“s line, issued the first press release yesterday and said the brand has been renamed BLANC & ECLARE to “take the brand to the next level”.

The press release also contains quotes from Jessica.

“We came to launch ECLARE earlier than scheduled, but it will make us go further”, Jessica said.

Meanwhile, Jessica and SM Entertainment are still contradicting one another over the celebrity leaving Girls” Generation.

SM said the departure was Jessica“s “voluntary decision” while Jessica said she was ousted from the girl group.

141005 Kangin, Heechul and Taeyeon hang out together after “SMTOWN in TOKYO”

Written By Regina Kim on Monday, October 6, 2014 | 3:20 PM

Super Junior” Kangin and Heechul share a photo together with Girls” Generation”s Taeyeon.

On October 4th, Heechul updated his Instagram,”Ramen!!Ramen!!Ramen!! #Heenim #Kangin #Taenggoo #KimKimKim” and uploaded along a photo showing the three of them were having dinner together in a restaurant after SMTOWN concert earlier on the same day.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment artists will perform at “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in TOKYO” for the 2nd day today on October 5th.

141006 Sunny struggles with Pilates on “Roommate”!

Girls” Generation“s Sunny was found to be surprisingly less than limber on the latest episode of “Roommate“!

She followed fellow “Roommate” older sister Bae Jong Ok during one of her Pilates sessions, and quickly found herself over her head as Bae Jong Ok pushed her to try more exercises! “We should come together twice a week,” she told Sunny, who merely groaned in answer!

140930 SNSD”s Taeyeon followed by 3 million netizens on IG

Girls Generation“s Taeyeon is one of the most active KPop idols on Instagram. She never failed to share to her followers a glimpse of her life.
Taeyeon definitely captured lots of people through their songs, and it is evident on her Instagram followers. Just recently, Taeyeon reached the three million mark. As of this writing, Taeyeon has 3,004,844 followers.
Congratulations, Taeyeon. May you inspire these people who love and believe in you.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net SOURCE: Taeyeon IG

140930 SM Entertainment releases statement, “SNSD to continue with 8 members”

SM Entertainment has finally release their official statement regarding the issue of Jessica”s withdrawal form the group.

The agency wrote,

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment. We are giving our position regaridng Jessica”s weibo post today.

This coming spring, Jessica has informed us that she will halt her group activities after one album, due to her personal affairs.

Although the notice is too sudden, the agency and SNSD members have tried the best way looking into how SNSD”s activities go on without any problems.

However, in the middle of inconsistencies and lack of negotiations about the conflicts arising due to priorities and interests, Jessica has launched her fashion business. In this cause, amidst of negotiations, the group has come to the point where it can”t be maintained.

Therefore, leaving the agency with no choice, it has been decided to go on with SNSD”s activities as 8 members earlier than planned. Also, while everything is still being worked out on when to announce the situation, Jessica has already posted this morning.

From this point forward, the agency is going to support and work on SNSD with 8 members and Jessica”s personal activities.”

141002 Taeyeon cries at TTS fansign, “All I want is to protect SNSD, I”m sorry”

TaeTiSeo carried out their fansigning event in the afternoon of October 1 at Lotte Department Store Cheongnyangni, Seoul. The event started 30 minutes later than originally scheduled.

With the drop out of Jessica from SNSD, fans have all their eyes and ears to SNSD members especially after their fanmeeting in China on 30th.

Fans who attended the “Holler” fansigning have unanimous fanaccounts written on internet community saying that Taeyeon had made a statement and cried as she said, “Right from the start, I”ve only wanted to protect Girls” Generation. That”s all I am thinking about. I”m sorry for making you all go through this. From now on, we will try harder to make sure only good things to happen.”

There are also accounts saying Seohyun also apologized and said “For one more time, trust us. Thank you and love you.”

The fansigning event has ended with three members crying. In this situation, Jessica and SM Entertainment have offered contrasting statement that make it unclear to see a conclusion.

Let”s hope for a smooth closure without any pain in both parties.

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141004 Lapalette drops solo photos of Jessica Jung

Fashion brand Lapalette released two solo photos of Jessicca Jung.
The Jung sisters were chosen to endorse the 2014 F/W collection of fashion brand Lapalette, and in August Lapalette started featuring the Jung sisters Jessica andKrystal with lots of advertisement images.
In September, they released the behind-the-scene video. The photos is set to be featured in Ceci Magazine’s October issue.

141002 Sunny talks about her diet and concern about her weight loss

On the October 1 broadcast of Sunny”s radio show “Sunny”s FM Date”, Sunny shared details of her everyday diet and also expressed concern about her recent weight loss.

During the broadcast, Sunny shared, “Honestly, I don”t know much about diets. I was born weak so… I eat a lot of small amounts like sesame grains to constantly maintain my weight.”

Despite her regular diet, Sunny recently experienced a weight loss that has the idol concerned with its effect on her appearance. “These days because I lost so much weight, my cheeks are completely sunken. I hate this,” she confessed, before continuing, “I want to have a cute, chubby face like in the past. Back then, I hated my cheek fat, but nowadays I hate [not having it].”

Although Sunny appears dissatisfied with her looks these days, she added that she was able to accept the change because of the supportive people around her, saying, “But because I have people who tell me that I”m pretty, I”ll endure it.”

As Girls” Generation is currently in the spotlight with Jessica”s recent split from the group, fans can”t help but worry over Sunny”s condition, especially with this revelation of her weak body.

141006 Girls' Generation Sunny Wishes For A Happy Future After Jessica's Departure On October 1st Episode Of 'Sunny's FM Date'

Girls” Generation member Sunny made fans worry as she was not in a bubbly and cheerful mood for the October 1st radio broadcast of Sunny”s FM Date.”

Sunny, who is known for her bright personality, usually impresses and entertains her radio show listeners. However, for the recent episode of “Sunny”s FM Date,” the Girls” Generation singer was not in the mood to make people laugh because of the announcement that Jessica leaving the popular girl group.

During the show, one listener spoke to Sunny regarding the memories she had. Once Sunny heard the word “memory,” sadness quickly struck her. Her mood was not the happy and bright one that fans know her for.

Listeners tried to lighten up the mood of the show. One listener told Sunny to “please look at the camera and smile brightly just once.”

Though, she did not, Sunny did try to make herself happy as she sang along to Zion T”s slow ballad single titled, “Yanghwa Bridge.” She sang the line of “Let”s be happy, let”s not be in pain.”

There was one more listener that spoke about three generations of her family living in the same roof. The listener explained how difficult it was for the three generations to come together for meal times.

Sunny said, “In the future, I hope the house will be filled with laughter; there aren”t a lot of houses for three generations to live together because there are a lot of nuclear families.”

“There can”t always be only good things that happen, but I will hope for a lot of good things to happen,” Sunny continued. “There can”t always be good things, but…” and then she stopped here and left a cliff hanger for the listeners.

141004 [DEBATE] Will Jessica ever return to Girls” Generation?

alim17 and mssylee are back for a battle of words and reason, this time on the hot topic of Jessica“s departure from Girls” Generation. With the K-Pop community in disarray, completely disappointed over the news, some fans can”t help but wonder if there”s any chance for Girls” Generation to reunite as the original “OT9″ in the future.

While alim17 argues that Jessica is unlikely to ever return to the group, mssylee is more optimistic, saying Jessica may return as a Girls” Generation member after all.

alim17 has a good point when she says that the controversy may leave too big of a scar on the original “Soshi bond” for the girls to ever come together as nine again. However, mssylee reasons that Jessica is a valuable member to Girls” Generation, and that it would be in SM and Jessica”s best interest to have her return instead.

What do you guys think? Is it absolutely impossible for Jessica to return to Girls” Generation after all that has happened? Has OT9 truly come to an end? Vote above and let us know in the comments below!

141003 Life Without Jessica: Girls Generation Goes On


The three Girls Generation members who form the musical sub-unit Tatiseo were teary eyed at the mention of ex-band member Jessica Jung during a fan meeting in Seoul this week. It was the first time that the band”s members had publicly discussed the exit of their former member.

Taeyeon did not elaborate on any of the details of Jessica”s departure but her leaving was obviously an occasion for tears. Taeyeon stressed that all she ever thought about was protecting the group.

“I”m sorry, please trust us once more,” she said to the fans present and this reduced her fellow Tatiseo members Tiffany and Seohyun to tears.

Jessica Jung, who appeared in the drama “Wild Romance,” left the group this week, claiming that she was forced out. Her agency, SM Entertainment said that she asked to leave the group months ago so that she could spend more time promoting her newly launched fashion brand BLANC. While Jessica admitted that she discussed leaving with her fellow band members and agency, her press release stated that they had not set a specific date for her departure. She said that she was shocked by the agency”s sudden notice.

According to a statement made by SM, it was becoming too difficult to reconcile the demands of Jessica”s business promotion with her performing schedule. Although Jessica”s statements said that her fellow band members supported her business plans, some rumors said that some of Jessica”s fellow band members asked for her dismissal. Others said the agency pressured the band members to agree to her leaving. None of these rumors have been confirmed.

Since her last press release issued on Oct. 1, Jessica has gone into hiding. Her brand”s public relations representatives said they have no idea where she is.

“As we only created the press release at the time we do not know where Jessica is or what she is currently doing.”

They also said that they had no information about Jessica”s boyfriend, Korean-American investor Tyler Kwon.

Meanwhile the Korean media publication Sports World questioned the financial status of Tyler Kwon and the business plan for Jessica”s new fashion business BLANC. They quoted an investor who declined to invest in the brand because the business plan was lacking.

Girls Generation will continue to produce music and perform with eight members. Jessica Jung will continue to be represented as a solo artist by SM Entertainment, as will her sister, Krystal Jung, who is a member of f(x) and currently appears in the drama “My Lovable Girl.”

141003 “Sports World” raises questions about Tyler Kwon and Jessica”s fashion line “BLANC”

The media outlet starts off by asking the question whether Jessica can succeed as business woman with her fashion line. Then they reveal that they got their hands on “BLANC“s business plan but that the content of it seems to be somewhat lacking. Other than emphasizing Jessica”s role in the line and her potential as a designer, there wasn”t any special aspect to the business plan, “Sports World” claims. They also say they met with a man who was given an opportunity to invest in “BLANC” by Tyler Kwon.

This man said, “When I received the business proposal, besides the fact that it”s by Girls” Generation”s Jessica, there wasn”t any other merit to it so I turned down the offer for investment.” The media outlet also says one of their other sources also pointed out his suspicions about Tyler Kwon. A source who hangs out with Tyler apparently told them that despite having the title of being the CEO of Coridel Group, “[He] acts like he is a third generation chaebol, but it”s hard to see him as a man of wealth since he frequently asks his acquaintances to lend him 50~100 million KRW . He is part of an investment company, but it should be looked into to find out what business it is that he supposedly made successful.”

“Sports World” then goes on to point out that Tyler Kwon is notorious in Hong Kong as a “scandal maker” due to his past relationship with singer and actressGillian Chung. They say there are rumors that he purposely approached Gillian Chung so that he can gain a foothold in the Hong Kong business world. Their relationship was very public and it was thought that they might even get married, but they broke up. He then approached Jessica, the media outlet claims.

Supposedly, Jessica and Tyler”s meeting was like a scene out of a movie. Jessica was shopping in Hong Kong, but fell into a dilemma as she had maxed out her credit card, this was when Tyler Kwon came to the rescue and paid for her. “Sports World” says Jessica fell for him, but Tyler was not very considerate towards Jessica in that he would post various pictures on his SNS accounts despite their relationship being a secret. The media”s sources commented, “Usually, investors don”t like drawing public attention, but [he] is very aggressive about marketing himself. He will even sometimes purposely go hang out at places where he knows there are reporters,” hinting that this might be the reason why Hong Kong paparazzi were able to spot the two multiple times.

“Sports World” then asks the questions whether the two will be able to make “BLANC” a success and whether they will get married happily, before concluding with the statement, “The one to be most concerned about is Jessica. The Girls” Generation Jessica we loved, her current situation is precarious.”

What do you make of this report?

141003 Fancam shows how SNSD handle SONEs calling out Jessica at Shenzhen fanmeet

With their fanmeeting in Shenzhen, China became the venue of confused SONEs, on the day Jessica was announced to be kicked out from SNSD, a lot are curious how did SNSD handled the situation.

A particular fancam is being spread showing what actually happened at the said event. Eight members were standing together and are all trying to stay composed despite of loud calls for Jessica.

In particular, Seohyun who tried to speak cannot contain her emotions and shed tears after everyone made their bow. Other members showed their smiles for fans but some were obviously trying to stay calm as much as possible.

At the end, the members gave their gratitude and promise to meet everyone again in the future. Watch the fancam below:

141002 Sooyoung, Jessica, Sulli, and Luhan to be absent from SMTOWN Tokyo

Few SM artists are going to be absent for their upcoming SMTOWN in Tokyo which will take place on October 4 and 5.

SM representative told TVReport on October 2, “Sooyoung, Jessica, Luhan, and Sulli are not going to attend SMTOWN concert in Japan.”

Sooyoung has filming schedules for her MBC drama “Springtime of My Life, while Luhan can”t perform on stage because of health reasons. Sulli is currently on hiatus from entertainment activities and Jessica is going to stop attending.

Fortunately, SHINee”s Onew, who missed SMTOWN in Seoul because of vocal chord surgery will be finally joining this Tokyo concert.

Meanwhile, SMTOWN Live World Tour In Tokyo” is happening on October 4 and 5 at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

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141002 Why Jessica Jung Left Girls Generation

When Jessica Jung recently visited a fortuneteller, she was told that she was born to be a celebrity and the kind of person “who is always being talked about.”

That has certainly been the case in the last few days when her dismissal from the popular girl group Girls Generation repeatedly made the headlines.

If you wondered why Jessica is no longer a member of Girls Generation, here”s the rundown of what happened in the last few days.

The story began a few days ago when the 25-year-old singer and “Wild Romance” actress remarked on her Weibo account that she was no longer a member of the group, which debuted in 2007. Shortly after that her agency, SM Entertainment, issued a statement saying that she would no longer be part of the group because the responsibilities for her new fashion line, conflicted with her performing schedules.

Jessica, who also writes songs, dances and models, recently realized another one of her dreams by launching the fashion line BLANC. After launching her brand, Jessica opened her first store in Hong Kong, with plans to open several more throughout Asia According to Jessica Jung, the other members of the group were well aware of her plans and supported her. So did her sister, “My Lovable Girl” actress and f(x) member Krystal Jung.

On Sept. 29, her fashion brand”s public relations team issued a press release saying that Jessica had been notified that she was being kicked out of Girls Generation without any justification.

“Up until the beginning of August when I was launching BLANC I had received agreement and permission from SM, and congratulations from the members as well. However, in early September, after only a month since the launching, the members suddenly changed their position and held a meeting, and told me to either quit my business or leave Girls” Generation without any justifiable reason.”

SM said that she notified them earlier in the year that she would be leaving the group due to personal obligations. They did not say whether the agency and the singer had agreed on a specific date.

“I am perplexed and devastated,” she said about the suddeness of her departure.

Jessica has no immediate plans to leave SM Entertainment and will continue to be represented by them as a solo artist. Krystal Jung also has no plans to leave.

It is not known how Jessica”s departure from Girls Generation will affect a potential second season of the reality season “Jessica and Krystal,” which features the two singers, or a potential album, featuring both of them.

Although there was speculation that she was leaving the group to wed her boyfriend, Korean-American investor Tyler Kwon, he said they were not even engaged.

141002 Girls' Generation Holds Emotional Fan Meeting In China, Remains Silent About Jessica's Departure From The Group

Girls” Generation put aside their emotions and traveled to China for a fan meeting.

Without Jessica Jung, the eight members of SM Entertainment”s world-famous girl group traveled to China to participate in a fan meeting on September 29.

The Girls” Generation”s fan meeting was held on September 30th and named, “2014 Girls’ Generation First Fan Party – Mr.Mr. in Shenzhen.” During the meeting, the fans in the audience were already aware of Jessica”s departure from the group.

The attendees were reportedly civil, but there was a noticeable saddness that hung over the crowd as many fans help up glowsticks in the shape of the letter “J.”

The Girls” Generation members kept the meeting upbeat and happy. The reportedly smiled and laughed a lot as they interacted with their fans.

During the group”s short performance segment, the members displayed their Chinese-language skills and sang a few songs for the crowd. During the final song, however, Seohyun became noticeably upset, The singer broke down after the song and quickly left the stage for some alone time.

During the performances, none of the other Girls” Generation members sang Jessica”s lines, the role was, instead, delegated to the fans..

Since it was revealed earlier this week that Jessica had been removed from the group, none of the other group members have yet spoken up regarding her departure.

141002 Jessica says she was ousted from GG

Former Girls” Generation member Jessica issued a personal statement yesterday expressing her brokenhearted and confused stance a day after SM Entertainment, her former agency, announced she will no longer be a part of the K-pop girl group.

The agency cited difficulties fixing the group”s schedule after the member launched her own fashion brand.

Jessica and SM are contradicting one another on the matter of whether her departure was voluntary or not.

The 25-year-old, who said in the press release that she never imagined leaving the group, said the company kicked her out on Monday on short notice.

“Since the beginning stage of launching my personal business, I have sorted matters out with SM Entertainment and my fellow group members through several trials”,Jessica wrote in the press release, further mentioning that they all “showed their consent” about her separate career in fashion.

“I launched my business with kind support from my group members”, she continued, “but a mere month later, they abruptly changed their attitudes”.

Accordingly, they “demanded” her to either suspend her fashion line or leave the band.

On Sept. 16, Jessica reportedly consulted with the head of her agency and received permission to pursue her fashion career while working in the group.

SM Entertainment said yesterday through a press release that Jessica approached the company earlier this year, saying she would voluntarily leave the band after releasing one last album.

Jessica“s fashion line, Blanc, was launched in August, and is reportedly stocked in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

By Lee Sung-eun

141001 “Jessica & Krystal” rep claims the two sisters prepared a collaboration and planned season 2 before the news

A lot of people have been contacted by news media following the surprising conflict there currently seems to be between Jessica and SM Entertainment as well as Girls” Generation.

The people who worked with both Jessica and her younger sister, Krystal, for theirOn Style reality program, “Jessica & Krysta,” were some of the people contacted, and they claimed that the two siblings had been planning to release a single album together.

A program rep told a media outlet on October 1, “Jessica and Krystal even finished recording their album. There were even plans for a second season to “Jessica & Krystal” after shooting their MV, but a problem has arisen in this schedule after Jessica”s departure from her group.”

Netizens expressed sorrow at hearing this news, saying, “That”s a shame,” and,“But their program was fun…” Would you have wanted to see the sisterly love once again in another season?

141001 Jessica and Krystal unit debut & reality program season 2 are cancelled

It is abruptly revealed that sisters Jessica and Krystal have more in store for their fans but apparently goes on hold until further notice.

According to program officials of cable channel OnStyle, Jessica and Krystal are actually preparing a unit debut with all songs from their album have already been recorded. They added, “After their MV shooting, we plan to film the 2nd season of the reality program “Jessica and Krystal.”

However, according to them, they feel regretful with everything on hold after Jessica is dropped out of her group and with all her activities are halted.

141001 Fashion Face Off: Jessica Vs. Tiffany In Miu Miu Dress [Blog]

Welcome to another installment of Fashion Face Off! This week, Girls” Generation”s Tiffany faces Jessica in the battle of the Miu Miu mettalic brocade mini dress.

For her Ceci October issue pictorial, Jessica accessorized the dress with some adorable leggings, rain boots, and a button-up pullover. For her The CelebrityOctober issue pictorial, Tiffany accessorized the dress with thicker leggings, vintage heels, and glittering jewelry. So who wore it better? Let the new round begin!

(Photo : Ceci Korea October 2014 Issue)


(Photo : The Celebrity October 2014 Issue)

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140930 It’s Official: Jessica Out of SNSD

It’s Official: Jessica Out of SNSD Written by Gaya On September 30, 2014

The last few hours have seen much of the K-pop fandom in an uproar following news that Jessica had allegedly been unceremoniously dumped from SNSD; and now, after many hours of silence, SM Entertainment has confirmed this news. Jessica will no longer promote with SNSD, but will remain under SM while pursuing solo activities.

It all started with a Weibo update from Jessica’s official account:

It was initially believed to have been the work of a hacker, especially considering the time the posts were made — 6AM this morning, KST. Sure, idols have to be up early for their schedules, and SNSD did have a fanmeet in China today, but would SM really be contacting their idols to say “Yeah we’re kicking you out byeeeee” that early in the morning?

That SM, along with Jessica and the rest of SNSD, would communicate that these posts were the work of a hacker seemed reasonable, and so fans waited. However, as time passed and SM’s silence grew longer, fans looked to anything to confirm or disprove the Weibo posts. Perhaps Jessica or a manager would delete the posts, or the situation would be explained by the other members on their own SNS accounts

What they got instead was every Soshi except Jessica at Incheon airport, preparing to attend their fanmeet in Nanjing. Soon, Dispatch arrived on the scene to reveal that Jessica had flown into South Korea at 4AM the morning before from New York, with boyfriend Tyler “The Forehead” Kwon in tow. It’s said that Jessica was away on personal business, and had come back to attend the fanmeet. However, she was issued a “thanks, but no thanks” from SM and (apparently) the other eight members of SNSD.

Jessica will likely now focus her attention to her fashion line Blanc. This business of hers was seen as one of the ways in which Jessica was preparing for her post-Soshi life… just not so soon. Or on SM’s terms and not her own — though Sica at least managed to get a word in via social media before SM could say anything, likely throwing them off for a good few hours. It remains unclear exactly why SM decided to remove Jessica from the group. Going by the Weibo posts above, this did not sound like an entirely mutual decision.

With other SM idols like Yesung having their own fashion stores and labels, it would seem unfair, and unlikely, to target Jessica for starting her own; perhaps they didn’t like Sica taking spending time on her personal affairs, but if it’s not affecting her SNSD-related engagements, then there doesn’t seem to be much reason for SM to be against how she wishes to spend her time. Tyler Kwon isn’t popular among many fans, but punishing Jessica like this for her taste in men also seems rather far-fetched; that said, this could be a pre-emptive measure undertaken by SM in the event that Jessica and Tyler do tie the knot, though they do not seem to be engaged right now. The only other active female idol to have married is now on hiatus and her group effectively broken up; SM may be wanting to avoid the same fate for their flagship girl group, though it’s difficult to say if Jessica had as much influence on SNSD as Sunye did with the Wonder Girls.

In any case, I wish Jessica all the best in her future endeavours. While she is now more or less in the same situation as Super Junior‘s Kibum — except for the fact she is officially out of the group — I believe Jessica will remain relatively successful with her activities. Even if SM attempts to relegate her to the sidelines as they have done with Kibum, as a way to make an example of them to other SM idols to quash any hopes of regaining some control over their careers from the company, Jessica has been smart enough to cultivate a (perhaps modest) fanbase in China through Weibo. If no one in South Korea, including Sones, supports her, she will at least have China.

It’s been a crazy day in a crazy year for K-pop — and SM in particular. Readers, what do you think of this sudden turn of events? What are your thoughts on SNSD continuing as eight?

(Blanc Group, Daum, Nate, Naver, YouTube, Weibo. Images via: Blanc Group, Weibo, Dispatch)

141004 Roundtable: Sicapocalypse Now

So much has happened in such a short period of time that it’s hard to make sense of our emotions. As the story unfolded, these were our reactions from the timeJessica released her first official statement disclosing her side of the story. What was your initial reaction to reports of Jessica being booted from SNSD? What were your feelings like as more facts were revealed? What’s to become of the Nation’s Girl Group?

Gaya: I actually understand SM‘s decision to drop Jessica: accommodating her promoting just one more album may have been possible, but I get it if SM wasn’t interested in keeping her around for that long. But if that was the case, why have her renew her contract and then dump her weeks later? That just doesn’t sit right with me.

After reading Jessica’s official statement, it sounds like SM was on board with Jessica’s plans, and that it was the other members who were pushing to remove her. If that’s the case, then I can’t see why SM wouldn’t just release her from her contract altogether, unless they stood to gain something from keeping Jessica under their watchful eye? There are conflicting reports about whether or not SM is getting a cut from Jessica’s business activities, so that adds another layer of confusion to this whole ordeal.

Jessica says that she was clear with her plan for the future, and she may well have been; but somewhere along the line, there’s been a lack of open communication that has led to this situation. If all parties involved had perhaps sat down and had a serious discussion and come to a decision together, there would’ve been a better outcome. It’s likely that SM and SNSD did not think things through before giving their approval, or that SNSD did not fully know about Jessica’s plans. Considering SM’s own official statement, it’s clear that they knew.

Willis: I initially dismissed the reports of Jessica being removed from the group, since many news sites had added the caveat that a hacker may have been involved. As the story developed further, I was appalled by the confirmation of her removal. In retrospect, I suppose I shouldn’t have been so blindsided, because this is SM Entertainment.

It’s sad that we, the fans/audience, will never get the full story. We can only speculate based off SM’s statements and from what Jessica has decided to tell. From Jessica’s statement, it seems like she was given an ultimatum, which is never a nice thing to do to anyone. In addition, Jessica’s statement paints her as having been honest and open about her ambitions with the company, so there seems to be some force (whether it is the members or SM’s management team) that pushed for the group to move forward sooner with 8 members.

In my opinion, that’s the worst part of the matter — the fact that they decided to go on ahead and just remove her from the group, without sitting everyone down and discussing it first, as Gaya mentioned. If the group had continued on as 9 members for another album and split amicably with Jessica, wouldn’t that have been a more favorable outcome?

I don’t understand the urgency to pull the trigger on cutting Jessica from the group — where she as the first trainee, spent so many years of her youth preparing for her debut. All of this has left a tainted image of the solidarity and sisterhood of the group. Instead of a friendly parting of ways in the future, this incident has left a bad reverberating effect on the group’s legacy.

Nabeela: This is all I have to say.

Leslie: I feel bad about the way things went down for Jessica, but I can’t make a judgment call since so many things are unclear. At first, I was disbelieving like Gaya – what with the contract renewal and all — but the cynical K-pop fan told me otherwise. In fact, I didn’t think I could get more jaded as a fan, but this year is doing that for me. This has been a bad year for K-pop as a whole, but especially for SM, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

So, yeah, I’m going to second Nabeela on this. I’ve been waiting for this to happen to them. We like to think of K-pop as being just two generations: H.O.T, Fin.K.Land other veterans, and then everyone else. But the fact of the matter is that we’re in the midst of a third generation of idols while groups like SNSD, the actual second generation of idols, are on their way out. And it’s not at all a bad thing. They’ve had a good run and leave ridiculously huge shoes to fill as the Nation’s Girl Group.

Andy: Like others, I thought the initial Weibo post was a hack job. But, when confirmations came out, I couldn’t believe it. This is SNSD: the Nation’s Girl Group, a SME money-maker, the group with a strong bond. As reports keep coming out, I find my irritation growing. SME is basically throwing the entire group, particularly Jessica, under the bus.

They make Jessica out to be a selfish person, who only cared about securing her future and not the group’s. Then, they make the rest of SNSD seem to be unilaterally non-understanding and unsympathetic. To do this after they all renewed their contract is just ridiculous, and it seems like a case of major vindictive power play. If Jessica had indeed worked things out with SME regarding her fashion line, and talked to the group about it, then something clearly went wrong in the line of communication. I’m still not buying the marriage story, too.

I don’t fault Jessica for trying to do what she needs to do for herself, and neither should the rest of the group. She can’t be an idol forever. The others should be doing the same, and to be honest, some are. Yoona and Sooyoung are deep into their acting, which is another career. So, why can’t everyone else do the same? As long as they aren’t missing group events and actually halfway doing their job on stage, then it shouldn’t matter.

As for the future, SNSD will still sell as long as they are releasing music. I just think their stock/fanbase is going to drop drastically, since going from 9 to 8 is a big blow, and Jessica was extremely popular. Perhaps Jessica got the boot at a good time — going out while they are still at the top.

Mark: Nabeela, are you patting yourself on the back for predicting the inevitable?

But seriously, I think speculations on the immediate downfall of SNSD are a bit far-fetched. They still have 8/9 of the group intact, that’s 88%! Even if Jessica is supposedly a “popular” member, she couldn’t have held more than 15% of the fan base by herself. And we’re talking about a huge fan base. Even if you discount Jessica, they probably still have more fans than Sistar, Girl’s Day, and A Pink… combined.

I agree with Andy’s point that as long as SNS8 continues to release music, they’ll remain highly relevant because they’re the only girl group that can sell albums, not to mention their digital domination. Losing Jessica is not going to change that. SNSD will be just fine.

Joyce: Initially, I thought it was a case of SNSD and Jessica both being blind-sided by SM. But considering that things unfolded within a day, it’s evident this issue has been discussed at length between the girls and their management. In fact, it seems as though Jessica already planned for her exit from SNSD, but compromised to stay on for one more album. However, she didn’t fulfill her end of the agreement and got ejected from the group, with a certain extent of support from the other members — that last bit was the part that surprised me.

No matter what the exact order of events is, the truth is that the girls were/are no longer united as one. As fans, we only see the put-on image they sell and it’s easy to fall for their honeyed words, that they will be sisters forever even if they have to promote as Ajumma Generation. However, I think that this reminds us of all the ugliness and unhappiness that goes on behind the scenes that we fans are not privy to. And it just so happens that it’s the biggest K-pop girl group that decides to air their dirty laundry. In the worst way possible. And frankly, SM did a shit job of handling this issue. Is it really that hard to delay the eviction letter to Jessica for a more amiable departure?

As a fan, it’s quite upsetting to see the sisterhood image of the nine of them shattered, since hostilities seem to have been involved. But I mean, if Homin managed to bounce back (though to a different extent), I guarantee SNSD will still do fine, as everyone has said. They may lose a few endorsements here and there, but no big deal really. It’s just… how many groups must SM ruin before they learn??

Gaya: You can say that again, Joyce. We now also have news of a Jessica andKrystal project in the works before all of this happened. I don’t know why anyone wants me (and all other fans) to suffer more by discussing this project group when it’s likely not going to happen for a good while, if at all. Other than binge-listening to “Rolling in the Deep” some more, what am I meant to do with this information? Blame Jessica? Blame SNSD? Blame SM?

Actually, I’ll start by blaming SM. Not that I believe the other two parties to be blameless; but, even if this is more of an issue between the girls, as Jessica’s statement indicates, SM still bears responsibility for the mishandling of the matter. SM created this group and they’ve made money off it, so it should follow that they do more in instances like this. Why they weren’t doing any kind of mediating, or holding discussions to ensure the best outcome for the company, the group and the members, I don’t know.

Again, a lack of communication has led to this situation becoming worse than it needed to be.

Kelsey: I’ll second Gaya on SM’s responsibility in this. For things to get to this point within the group, tensions may have been brewing for a while and management should have stepped in to help mediate. What’s the point of managers following groups around and body-checking fans if they won’t also step in on personal issues between members? I don’t believe it would’ve 100% fixed this issue but it could’ve helped. It was just in poor taste all around to release her this way. When Jessica’s Weibo post first went out, I was unsure about whether it was legitimate, but once SM took longer and longer to respond it was clear that there was no hacker.

At the same time, even before this drama unfolded, it’s been pretty clear to me that SNSD is not long for the industry. It does seem like they maybe have a few years left before they decide to pursue different things in their professional and personal lives. I was actually surprised that they all signed on for three more years — the individually negotiated contracts were not as shocking. I’m sure that OT8 will still be successful in the time they have left together, but a serious trust has been broken for many fans.

Regardless of whether the girls are super close these days or not, there’s at least a bare expectation that a group won’t turn against one member, and even if that’s not the whole truth of what happened, that’s what Jessica implied and that’s what fans are speculating. Compared to any other SM group drama, this scandal will impact SNSD a bit more because of the unique circumstances. There’s no way they can sweep this under the rug when Jessica’s being so vocal.

(Images via: W Korea, 1st Look, SM Entertainment, Spao, Harper’s Bazaar)

141001 Jessica-Kris-Sulli: 2014 Has Not Been A Good Year For SM Entertainment’s Promotional Activities [Opinion]

On September 30, SM Entertainment confirmed that Girls’ Generation Jessica will no longer be promoting with the group and acknowledged that posts made to her Weibo account statements made by the artist. This acknowledgement that Girls’ Generation would now be promoting as eight members has sent shockwaves through Korea, leading to concern from many K-Pop fans.

On October 1, Jessica issued a statement which attributed her business BLANC, as being a primary reason for her split with Girls” Generation.

Girls’ Generation is currently in the midst of promoting their Japanese greatest hits album, with the subgroup Taetiseo supporting their release “Holler.”

As rumors regarding the departure of Jessica began to surface, Korean stocks for SM Entertainment began to drop. Financial media outlets including the Wall Street Journal have reported about the confirmation of Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the finances and image of SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment has experienced numerous setbacks in 2014, with each scandal mysteriously occurring in the midst of promotional activities for three of its top international acts.

In May 2014, former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) departed from the group during promotions for the release “Overdose.” Allegations surrounding a lawsuit between Kris and SM Entertainment surfaced, with the agency confirming Kris’ departure from the group on May 15.

Kris was the leader of the Chinese subgroup EXO-M. Since his departure, EXO has promoted as an eleven member group.

Girls’ Generation and EXO are not the only groups to have scandals occur in the midst of their promotions.

Sulli, a member of the dance pop group f(x), took what was referred to as a temporary hiatus from the group in the midst of “Red Light” promotions. On July 24, SM Entertainment announced a halt in promotional activities for “Red Light” and confirmed the hiatus for Sulli.

Sulli had been embroiled in on-going dating rumors surrounding Dynamic Duo’s Choiza. The rumors, which became more salacious over time, started in late 2013.

On August 19, Korean media outlet Dispatch released photos which allegedly depicted Sulli and Choiza on a date. SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture, the agency representing Choiza, immediately responded to the release of these photos and a story which stated that Sulli would be departing from f(x).

Both SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture confirmed that the stars were dating. SM quickly clarified that Sulli would not be leaving the group.

Alleged contract disputes and dating may be at the heart of SM Entertainment’s recent problems. Prior to allegations of a lawsuit from Kris, SM Entertainment was at the center of contract disputes for former Super Junior member Han Geng and former TVXQ members JYJ (Junsu,Yoochun, Jaejoong).

Prior to news of her departure from Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment announced that all nine members of the group had renewed their contract for three years, following the expiration of their previous contract. This release of contract information from SM Entertainment is what made news regarding an eight member Girl’s Generation more shocking.

Has open dating negatively impacted Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment?

2014 kicked off with news that Girls’ Generation member YoonA was dating acting idol Lee Seung Gi. The news surrounding the relationship between YoonA and Lee Seung Gi led to a steady stream of news involving members of Girls’ Generation and relationships.

Relationship news involving Girls’ Generation started to become sticky on April 4 when SM Entertainment confirmed the relationship between Tiffany and 2PM’s Nichkhun. The relationship between Tiffany and Nichkhun was the first confirmed idol relationship since BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung dated KARA’s Goo Hara.

K-Pop fans continued to remain supportive of Girls’ Generation and their relationships.

On June 18, SM Entertainment confirmed the relationship between Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun. This was the second idol relationship in Girls’ Generation and involved the member of one of SM Entertainment’s most popular male groups. Fans of both groups began to negatively respond to the news, with media outlets analyzing the age difference between Taeyeon (25) and Baekhyun (22).

For many EXO fans, the news of the relationship followed too closely behind the departure of Kris from the group.

With the news of Taeyeon and Baekhyun, five out of the nine members of Girls’ Generation were in confirmed relationships in 2014.

Dating rumors involving Jessica and Tyler Kwon have been on-going since March 2014. In early September, dating rumors evolved into engagement rumors involving Tyler Kwon and Jessica. SM Entertainment and Tyler Kwon declined these rumors, stating that Tyler and Jessica were only friends.

However, Jessica was captured by Dispatch on September 30 returning from New York City around the same time as Tyler Kwon. On October 1 KST, rumors began to surface that Jessica and Tyler Kwon were in the midst of planning a wedding to be held in Hong Kong.

Most K-Pop agencies thrive on secret relationships involving its idols and groups. It has become commonplace for idols for admit to relationships following a breakup.

Throughout 2014, SM Entertainment has been at the forefront of the the Korean entertainment industry, issuing relationship confirmation regarding members of Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, EXO, and f(x). There have been no confirmed relationships involving the members of SHINee in 2014.

The ideas expressed above are those of the writer and do not reflect the opinions of KpopStarz.

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