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140624 Anonymous idols and agency reps asked about their reaction to SNSD's Taeyeon & Baekhyun’s dating news

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | 10:31 AM

With the outbreak of the news about Girls” Generation“s Taeyeon and EXO“sBaekhyun dating, there have been mixed reactions from the public and fans . But how about within the idol or celeb world? To find out, Kuki News revealed they went backstage during “Music Bank” last week to survey the various types of reactions to the recent Taeyeon and Baekhyun news, as well as the topic of idols dating in general.

◇ Girl group member “A”
Member “A” of a female idol group revealed that she was quite envious. “How can I not be envious of the fact that the agency even acknowledges that you are dating someone you like?” However when asked about her love life, she waved her hands and commented, “I don”t have anyone I”m seeing, but even if I did have someone, I don”t think it”d feel all that enjoyable or desirable… I think the agency would try to block it, and also, I think it”s discourteous to the fans who”ve watched over only me.”

◇ Boy group member “B”
A member of a boy idol group, being referred to as “B” by the media outlet, revealed himself to be a fanboy of Taeyeon. He said, “I am Taeyeon sunbaenim”s fan, so it”s unfortunate that she”s now off the market.” He revealed that he had been a fan of her since before debut and continued to pick her as the sunbae he most looked up to even after debut. “But even so, I will continue to like Girls” Generation… As for me, I don”t think it”s time for me to be dating yet,” he shared.

◇ Boy group member “C”
“C”, who is said to be an older idol from a boy group, was asked about his thoughts on two artists from the same agency dating. He laughed as he responded, “Why are you doing this to me,” then added, “I think it”s best to date secretly”, revealing that he thinks that not much can be done about love, but that it”s best to keep things secret and also end things quietly so that the fans and the agency do not find out. When asked if he had also secretly dated, he once again laughed as he said, “Have I done it? Hahaha. Well..”

◇ Girl group member “D”
Another older idol “D” was asked about the topic, but from a girl group this time. She said, “To be honest, I think it”s good to date more when you are young and pretty… When I first debuted, I didn”t really know anything so when I sang love songs, there wasn”t much emotion there and the producers would scold me. However, after I experienced love, I was able to sing more maturely.” She also mentioned that experiencing love can also help one realize how amazing fans” love is.

◇ Rep of an idol group “E”
“E”, a rep from the promotional team of an idol group, stated, “If I were to be honest, I don”t think that we could stop idols from dating… But I hope that when they date, they will at least tell the agency”. “E” tried to point out that if something were to happen or break out, the agency would be able to respond and resolve a situation faster if they had already be given a heads up. “E” added, “To be frank, the agency has to know about it in order to deny or confirm… It”s a very shocking and confusing situation for us when a reporter calls out of the blue to ask, “Is it true they”re dating?””

◇ Rep of an idol group “F”
Another rep of an idol group, “F”, revealed that he/she didn”t think news of idols dating was too serious in comparison to all the other types of scandals or controversies that could arise. “F” commented, “Rather than going out and doing something bad that could end up on the general news section of a newspaper [rather than limited to just the entertainment section], it”s better for them to go date.” “F” also added humorously, “Whether you”re dating within the agency or outside the agency, just don”t do anything that will land you on the general news section… It”s fine to appear however much you want as long as it”s limited to the entertainment section.”

Do you agree with any of their thoughts? Also, any guesses as to who these anonymous idols or reps could be?
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