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140307 ‘M! Countdown Highlight’: SNSD Is Too Strong For CNBLUE By Winning #1 On The March 6, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 | 2:12 PM

“M! Countdown” is here once again which numerous stars made their return.The stars showed awesome performances and the audience screamed as well fan chanted.Stars who made their return were Lyn by performing “Miss You…Crying”, LUNAFLY returned by having a “Special Guy”, and the long-awaited group Girls” Generation made their comeback last night with “Mr.Mr.”

Your nominees for the night were CNBLUE and Girls” Generation.The ladies just made their return and already, they got nominated.Included with this nomination, the ladies ended up taking the first place trophy on the March 6, 2014 episode!!Fabulous nine does it again and proves that they are truly magnificent.At the end of this article, please comment your opinions regarding your thoughts of them winning; as well their performance.

Congratulations to Girls” Generation on winning last night!!!

So, with all this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night”s episode.

Performance Recaps + Videos

Girls” Generation
The ladies of Girls” Generation as they made their long-awaited return.Girls” Generation performed two of their songs last night which were “Wait A Minute” as well “Mr.Mr.”While the wardrobe was great and all, Girls” Generation went for the fedora and blue jeans style which can be one that males will wear.Though, Girls” Generation can pull off any style that they were on-stage.Their return was okay even though the audience did not scream in the end.What do you think about them having males on-stage?Needed or unneeded?Lastly, what do you think about their comeback performance?

Rock techno group LUNAFLY made their return by saying they are a “Special Guy.”With their awesome electronic sound beat, they make themselves stand out from the other rock groups.Yun is so handsome that women will faint due to his looks.Samie looks better with glasses on which makes him look cute.Lastly, Miryo is just another handsome guy that ladies will also love.What do you think about their comeback as well the single?Like or unlike?

Lyn is a broken-hearted woman as she made her return by singing, “Miss You…Crying.”This new single from Lyn was composed by Kim Won.With her beautiful voice, you can really hear the emotion that a woman will feel if she got her heart broken to the man she loved.What is your opinion of Lyn”s new single?

TVXQ are going to put you in a “Spellbound” as they once again brought perfection on-stage last night.TVXQ are really are the kings of K-Pop as they showed their great choreography.The male back-up dancers came on-stage which is probably not necessary.What do you think?Are male back-up dancers needed or should it just be the females?

This week, GOT7 is ending their promotions and the song they are ending this week with is “I Like You.”Guys, you are going to be missed and the ladies will cry.Mark”s wink and flips on-stage will be one that will be missed.JB”s smile is another one.Hopefully, GOT7 comes back soon even if they will be judges for the JYP Entertainment”s audition this year.Enjoy GOT7 this week as they say their goodbye.What will you miss about GOT7 as they end their promotions?

Let”s take a voyage to space as Nell takes you on a nice and sad song regarding love and heartbreak.”Four Times Around The Sun” is what Nell and his band members performed.The song is about the heart ache that a man feels when he gets heartbroken.While the song is sad, you will think that it is a calming trip around the sun.

Melody Day
Melody Day and with their amazing vocals, had “Another Parting” last night.The song is about a woman losing her love as the guy leaves her.Hence the word “parting.”With their beautiful vocals, why will anyone want to part with this group.They are great.What do you think about this single?

Ladies” Code
Ladies” Code did a special stage performance by singing one song that was great during the past.The song they sang was, “I”m Yours.”With their amazing vocals, any guy will want to be a fan of this underrated female group.Are you a fan of Ladies” Code?

BESTie said “Thank U Very Much” by performing great still even though their performance was cut.BESTie has numerous support thanks to their fans; so in-return, the girls wants to keep singing great music.BESTie, your welcome.Are you a fan of BESTie and also thanks them for their awesome music?

BTS are “Boy In Luv” as they wore not their school uniforms, but black leather pants and jacket.With their energy as well powerful performance, the guys will definitely be loved by their fans.They are also going to gain more as well.Are you a fan of this awesome powerful group?

Park Ji Yoon
Park Ji Yoon said “Beep” as she once again came out with her numerous repetition of “what what” as well “Beep.”With an easy song lyric as well choreography, definitely fans of Park will dance along with her.Her performance was cut short; plus, it looked like they speed up the song.Though, Park did a great job.Do you like Park”s catchy “Beep” single?

CNBLUE “Can”t Stop” performing great as they once again performed great.The song tells about love and that they cannot stop loving.CNBLUE are really the greatest rock band in South Korea and this new single from them proves it.Are you loving CNBLUE”s new single?

The “Full Moon” was out again as Sunmi dance barefoot last night.Fabulous performance that is never a disappoint each week.With her bright red lipstick, ladies will definitely get the look of Sunmi.As for Lena, well, she looked fabulous and has some great long legs.Do you agree?

Soyou & Jung Gi Go
The beautiful song “Some” which was performed by SISTAR”s Soyou and Jung Gi Go, filled the stage with numerous love.Soyou wore a nice green long skirt with a cream color long sleeved shirt. Also, she curled her hair at the tip which looked cute.The song tells about the excitement one feels before going on a first date.Do you think Soyou and Jung are done winning trophies this week?

BTOB are seven handsome angels as they wore white as their chosen wardrobe color.The guys said, “Beep Beep” as they hope to win a trophy this week.Will they be able to pass nine members group Girls” Generation?They will really need to “Beep” loudly to win.

New group 1PS said, “Because I”m Your Girl” as they tell about their story about a shy girl wanting to express her feelings to the guy she loves.This is a new female group and the ladies are doing a great job promoting this new single from them.They have numerous potential to become a great group.Are you a fan of 1PS?

Tae One
It is so hard to “Break Away” from a break-up.Tae One knows the feeling as he sings this sad ballad song.If you have ever experienced a break-up, you will know that it can be hard.Tae One has a great voice and you can hear the emotion on this powerful sad song.Are you loving Tae One”s new sad single?

Photo Credit: OSEN
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